Zenofar Fathima to host ‘This is How We Do’ amid coronavirus pandemic

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

MUMBAI: People all around the world are utilizing their time at home amidst the global lockdown implemented due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With all the production suspended and cinema halls shut to curb the spread of the virus, the demand for content on digital platforms has touched an all-time high. Dubai-based actress Zenofar Fathima, who is also a filmmaker, producer, and a well-known influencer is all set to host an online international filmmaking competition,. Titled ‘This is How We Do’, the competition is for people belonging to all age groups, but having some kickass talent.

Fathima, who also owns the Zen production house, aims to help people showcase their creativity and talent in the areas of photography and filmmaking through this one-of-its-kind initiative. This competition, which was earlier hosted in 2019 in Dubai, has been designed and planned in a way that it stirs creativity, gives an opportunity to make some money, provides a break to people from the current situation, and helps them stay focused on overcoming this together in a playful manner. ‘This is How We Do’ competition will award prize money worth Rs. 20,000 (1000 AED) to the winner, and it doesn’t demand participants to leave the ‘comfort and safety’ of their homes.

The contest will be judged by Fathima herself, along with a few other esteemed panelists, one of them being the well-known Dubai-based social media influencer, Ajmal Khan. Besides, being a producer and filmmaker herself, Fathima would be offering insights into the techniques of photography and videography, the right angles and props, and the process of creating the best from minimal things available. In her opinion, this initiative is inspired by her desire to guide her followers, fans, and audiences alike to advance their skills in the current phase of quarantine that allows plenty of time in hand.

Speaking on this initiative, Zenofar Fathima, said, “It gives me immense pleasure to host something of this nature on a global scale. Looking at the response that we’ve garnered already, we have decided to host this competition on an on-going basis and there will be a winner announced every week. The best part is, age is no bar. Right from a 15-year-old to a 60-year-old can participate, hone their skills, portray their talent, and take-home lessons, tips, and rewards as a token of appreciation. We are looking forward to witnessing more response for this contest and then hopefully, with or without the pandemic, we’ll be able to bring out the best in people in the near future as well.”

So far, the actress has been able to source a few leads to sponsor her initiative. However, her efforts to have more sponsors’ onboard continue – particularly due to the objective of her cause. For those interested in trying their hands will need to submit a video that contains behind-the-scenes footage of how they took their submission photo and the submission photo itself. If shortlisted, the participant will be asked to take up a Q&A session with the judges for narrating the work, props used, and process adopted. Furthermore, to qualify as a participant in the contest, the submission post of the aspirant should be uploaded on Instagram with the hashtag, #ThisIsHowWeDoChallenge, tagging Zenofar_Fathima and YouthVlogAwards_DXB.

The idea of the competition is to not only encourage people to pursue their passion for filmmaking and photography but to also keep them engaged in doing something productive, which is the need of the hour.

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