Zee Music Company: Kabir-Athar’s new song ‘Dil Haare’ has ‘poetic pop’ melody!

MUMBAI: In the era of remixes, hip hop and upbeat songs, music composer duo Kabir-Athar prefer going the ‘poetic pop’ way and their newest song, Dil Haare also stands to it! Released under Zee Music Company, the song has lyrics and melody that will touch your heart.

Speaking about the song, music composers Kabir-Athar said, “Dil Haare’s melody and lyrics are inspired by certain real-life incidents that happened in both of our lives. This is our sixth release with Zee Music Company. Everything is very much lyrics based and our music is poetic pop.”

The song is penned, sung and composed by Kabir-Athar.

Khudko Tabaah kiya, azaade ishq tumse bewajah kia and many such lines are written by Athar, while I have written hook lines of the song. Such a blend of Urdu and Hindi is rare in today’s songs,” Kabir further added.

Further commenting on the response received, the music-compose duo said, “After Musafir with Ankit Tiwari, this is the best response we have got and we are grateful. People like the song. We had about 300 stories of Instagram on the day of Dil Haare’s release.”

The duo has also featured in the video that has Gitanjali Pathak as the muse. The duo can be seen lip-syncing to the melodious lines. The music video has a black backdrop and is directed by Inder.

“We are going to feature more in our songs because it is essential to be commercial,” the duo exclaimed.

Watch video here

The duo has songwriting and composing procedure, which they follow for all of their songs.

Kabir shared, “I come up with a basic melody and lyrics, then I and Athar work on the final melody and the lyrics.”

Kabir and Athar are officially Zee Music artists and the music label has always stood with them in their two-year-old music journey.

Speaking about their association with Zee Music Company, they said “Zee gave us massive coverage on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We are thankful to Anurag Bedi and Saurabh Shah.”

“There is that one person who believes in you and supports you, Saurabh Shah is that person. He is like our brother and has been supporting us from day one. He has always taken a stand for us and our music. ‘Watch out for these guys after five-seven ye