Vipin Patwa’s devotional song, ‘Pukara’ - a heartfelt tribute to late father!

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s popular music composer., Vipin Patwa has released a devotional Bhajan, which is a heartfelt gift to his father who passed away in September.

Speaking about the song, Vipin Patwa shared, “Pukara is a tribute to my father who passed away on 3rd September. He was fond of Bhajan, Kirtans, and liked my one Bhajan very much. He used to ask me to play it for him. During the lockdown, when I was staying with him since he was not feeling well for over 2-3 months, I use the sing the song live for him. Even when I came back to Mumbai, I created a Bhajan and sent him the recording, which he used to listen to everyday.”

“After he passed away, a thought came in my heart that I should release the Bhajan as a single and give a tribute to my Papa. I remember he being extremely delighted when I use to sing the Bhajan in front of him,” he further shared with a heavy heart in an exclusive telephonic interview with Music Beat.

Titled Pukara, the song is a devotional number sung as well as composed by Vipin Patwa. It is written by Dr. Sagar, who recently penned the popular Bhojpuri rap, rap Bambai Ka Ba song for Manoj Bajpayee and Anubhav Sinha.

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The popular musician also sang a few lines of Pukaraa during the interview.

Pukara Mila Hai Sahaara Bhakto Ke Bigade Kaam Ban Gaye. Koi Naam Leke Jo Teri Ore Dekhe Jo Ram Ban Gaye Toh Kabhi Shyaam Ban Gaye

The message of the song is that call your god with any name, he will appear to help you!

The song has a melodious essence and will take one to a tranquil state.

Patwa shared on the same, “The feel of the song has come across as very melodious due to my personal spiritual experience when my father passed away. I couldn't do anything for him and music is the only gift, I could give him. Hence, Pukara happened.”

“I wanted to convey what my father was feeling while listening to the song and why he tuned to it so frequently,” the Bollywood singer, the composer told.

Pukara has been released as a lyrical video.

On this, Vipin Patwa said, “We have released a beautiful graphical lyrical video that will convey the message of the song.”

The song was recorded during the pandemic while taking precautions and no physical meeting was done.

Lastly, he concluded with information about his upcoming projects.

“I will be doing contemporary romantic singles going further,” Vipin Patwa informed.

Go tune into Pukara and melt your worries as you become one with god. This heartfelt ode of a son to his father is indeed noteworthy!

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