TM Music label launches ‘Safidon ka Chhora’- Badal’s with ‘Afsos’ – a song on incidental regrets!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

MUMBAI: Singer, songwriter and rapper Badal aka Safidon ka Chhora, from the heartland of Haryana, has come up with a song that brings out the feeling of regret in circumstantial situations of life through his single, ‘Afsos’. This incidental regrets song has released on TM Music label.

The singer picks up on these paradoxes in different situations and accompanies each one with the lament ‘Hai yeh baat afsos ki’.

Speaking about Afsos, Badal, who hails from Haryana, said. “I was particularly drawn by the work of Justin Beiber, Tupac, and Eminem amongst others. Closer home it was ‘Badshah of Rap’, Bohemia who became a source of inspiration for me. The rapper wrote and composed their own songs that drew me to the writing board.”

The 24-year-old has written as well composed the song and hasn’t taken any formal training.

I am full of glee to release my first single, Afsos with TM Music. This song brings out the incidental regrets of life through music and words. I am looking forward to bringing in more music and melodies to the table,” he added.

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On his experience of working with TM Music, the singer exclaimed, “I am extremely captivated to be working with TM Music. I am sure there is no better place where my song would be so well received. I am glad to work with people who understand my vision and contribute to my growth.“

TM Music founder Tarsame Mittal said, “Ever since we started managing music talent, we have been working with filmmakers and music labels, much of which has revolved TM music around film music creators and performers. The country though has a host of unexplored talent and with the digital revolution has opened up a wide market; this talent can now be brought to the fore. We are excited and proud to kick off this non-film music movement with our first release by an emerging artiste, ‘Badal-Safidon ka Chhora’ from the heartland of Haryana. He brings out the feeling of regret in circumstantial situations of life through his single, Afsos.

Music producer MR Sunny who is among the ones leading the label said, “TM Music visions at creating a hub for independent and emerging artists. The aim is to reach the creative horizons of music and curate non-film music. I am thrilled to be an active part of this venture and unveil talented musicians on their way to the Indian stage. Delighted to start this journey with 'Badal - Safidon ka Chhora' an upcoming artiste from Haryana. His first single, Afsos talks about the situational regrets of life and takes you on a journey through it.

Atul Churamani, a veteran from the music industry, who is also leading the label said,I’m really excited that TM Music is kicking off its slate of releases with one by a young boy from a little known town called Safidon. The future of music lies in the creativity and originality that artistes bring from different pockets across the country and one hopes that we will be able to continue unearthing some phenomenal talent.”

TM Music is the latest initiative of TM Talent Management and an artiste first music label focused to create and promote good non-film music with passionate and talented artists, who are either undiscovered or are emerging. The business ventures include All About Music, Music Plus, Truly Comical, Bollywood Music Project, and Entertainment Consultant.