Thumbi Thullal: Nakul Abhyankar calls Rahman ‘magician’ and working with Shreya - dream come true!

MUMBAI: Popular playback singer Nakul Abhyankar, who has crooned music maestro’s Thumbi Thullal alongside Shreya Ghoshal, is on cloud nine! Featuring Tamil actor Vikram, the Tamil song is a part of the upcoming film Cobra and his making noise for its melody.

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Speaking about the specialty of Thumbi Thullal, the award-winning singer from Chennai exclaimed, “Thumbi Thullal is a wedding song! It is filled with a lot of happiness and romance. This song is pure A.R. Rahman's magic. I am really fortunate to have sung alongside Shreya Ghoshal. It is my first ever duet with her and this makes the song very special to me!”

Commenting on his experience of working with Shreya Ghoshal Nakul shared, “I am a huge fan of Shreya Ghoshal and I’ve been following her since my childhood. Working with Shreya on this song is really a dream come true moment! To see my name along with her name in a movie song is like a blessing!”

“I can’t be thankful enough to Rahman sir for giving me this opportunity. Sir asked me to engineer her recording session and that was one of the best sessions I ever engineered! I got to learn a lot of things from her - perfection, dedication, humbleness, and just love for singing! She learnt the song quickly and picked up the Tamil lyrics as it was her own language and sang the song in less than two hours! It was an incredible session,” he further added while thanking A.R. Rahman for the opportunity.

Thumbi Thullal is composed, arranged and produced by A R Rahman.

On being quizzed about how different was the experience of working with A R Rahman this time, Nakul Abhyankar told, “I was involved in this song right from the beginning. From singing scratch voice to seeing it getting mixed and mastered was an amazing experience. Again, working for Rahman sir is always a great experience and I learnt a lot of things from him while working on this track too. With Thumbi Thullal, sir has literally showcased his mastery in creating a perfect blend of the Indian folk, Indian classical, and contemporary western music. How he came up with this idea, only he knows. He is a magician!”

With Thumbi Thullal, Abhyankar has given vocals to Chiyaan Vikram.

When asked if he tried encapsulating Vikram’s on-screen style in his singing, the singer answered, “I honestly did not! I didn’t know anything about Vikram’s role in the film, his character and his appearance. I had only one thing in my mind - to give my best.”

“I love to sing and make music. I always look forward to learn. Nothing will change post Thumbi Thullal! I will only expect more opportunities to make music, sing and entertain everyone,” the singer reacted when asked about the response, he has been looking forward to from the song.

Lastly, when we asked Nakul if he is working on other songs from the film apart from Thumbi Thullal, he concluded, “Work is happening on other songs but unfortunately nothing can be disclosed now.”

Nakul Abhyankar’s recent Tamil songs include Azhage from Tamil movie Action and Adadaa Naana from Enai Noki Paayum Thota.

Thumbi Thullal has garnered over four million views on YouTube since its release.