#Srkian Amaal Mallik in no mood to tolerate 'Bhaigiri'; slams Salman Khan fans on Twitter!

MUMBAI: Twitteratis have topped the controversies list during lockdown and celebrities have been the targets, leading to a twitter war between their fans. While 'justice for Sushant Singh Rajput' is still the hot cake of Twitter, music composer Amaal Mallik has got trolled on Twitter by Salman Khan fans for calling himself a ‘#Srkian’! aka a Shah Rukh Khan fan!

Mallik who is known for his straightforward comments didn’t keep quiet but gave a staunch reply to the trollers whom he called ‘Bhaitards’.

Amaal tweeted, “Aaj duniya ko dikh gaya what is the aukaad of these uneducated #Bhaitards. It all started with me saying #Srk is my fav actor, and these idiots went crazy. I respect #SalmanKhan for the launch he gave me, but that doesn’t mean I will take shit from his fans or any one.”

Amaal didn’t stop hear as he hit back at every possible reply coming from the 'Bhaitards' towards him.

He also gave back to people saying his account has been hacked!

In another reply to one ‘Bhaitards’, the Sooraj Dooba Hai composer explained how Arijit Singh being his favourite singer doesn’t make him against his family and singer brother Armaan Malik.

He also replied to a fan who asked him to respect Anu Malik who is a renowned music composer. The music composer explained the difference between being a good musician and a good person as Anu was accused of sexual assault during the #MeToo movement. Amaal deleted the reply later.

Meanwhile, Amaal Mallik is currently trending on Twitter for being an honest SRKian and fearlessly replying to Salman Khan’s fans and it seems like he is in no mood to tolerate the ‘Bhaigiri’ on Twitter.

The popular composer also thanked 'Bhaitards'

Many fans supported Amaal Mallik for his honesty.

The music composer’s latest composition, Dil Ko Maine Di Kasam is garnering a positive response from the audience and was trending on the very first day of its release.

It will be exciting to see if Salman Khan gi.ves a reaction to this Twitter banter, which Amaal is slaying with his honest replies.

Stay tuned for more updates to Music Beat.

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