Songwriter Nikitaa releases first pop love song, co-written by Ash King

MUMBAI: Back with the fourth release in the pandemic, independent artist Nikitaa’s latest release brings out her romantic side. This record beautifully captures the excitement and adventure of falling in love for someone - edgy yet ethereal, loving yet bold, deep yet light-hearted. Filled with rock-inspired electric guitars, catchy vocal riffs, and some whistle tone singing, this pop track is unlike any of her before works. This pop track is an excellent successor to Nikitaa’s last single ‘Goddess’ and keeping with Nikitaa’s umbrella theme of the Goddess. ‘Universe’ is the reimagining of the beginning of a romance.

Speaking about the song, Nikitaa says, "The concept of the Universe grew from that feeling of time stopping still - which is something you hear in the first couple lines of the song. The whole session felt so natural, so free and so much fun! Both Ash and Aaron are fun, easy-going, and insightful in the studio so we managed to flesh out the core of the song fairly quickly. What started as a very soulful and minimalistic session — with the only production being some pads and keys — has become a full-bodied track now with a life of its own!"

Talking about the contemporary state of Indie music and women of color, the goddess pop diva says, "I think independent music (in terms of independent artists releasing music) is blooming right now in India! As absurd as this may sound, the lockdown is to the advantage of the indie musician - someone most likely used to doing things themselves, recording in "home studios" or being a "bedroom producer" and generally getting creative with release strategy anyway. And thankfully the press and media have also begun to create opportunities for this talent to be showcased in some shape, way, or form."

"I do however hope to see even more opportunities present for indie artists - more press and media spaces for reviews, playlists, and even arrangements for virtual performances," she concludes.