Sone De: Rahul Rajkhowa vibes with ‘young at heart’ Dadaji during lockdown

MUMBAI: Rebel singer Rahul Rajkhowa is popular among youngsters for his rap on social issues. But, did you know that he shares a very cool bond with his ‘young at heart’ dadaji too and this has come across in his song, Sone De.

“Truth be told Dadaji is my landlord in Bombay. But over the last couple of months, we have developed a very strong bond and he treats me like his grandson. So we’ve become like family,” Rajkhowa exclaimed.

The youngster’s bond with Dadaji has grown during the ongoing lockdown.

The Haath Dhona Mat Bhoolna singer shared about the same, “His children live abroad and my parents are in Assam. So the lockdown has brought us closer. We spend hours talking about his life and journey till he turned 90. He is very young at heart and such happy energy to vibe with.”

“We debate, discuss, deliberate on politics, current affairs, and all sorts of things.

I’m really lucky I could spend my lockdown with him and take a trip down his long illustrious life,” he further added.

Rahul Rajkhowa also dedicated some lines for his beloved Dadaji, “You’ve lived through the Second World War, Independence Movements, Partition, Cold War and now the Coronavirus. Dada you are living testimony to the fact that one is unstoppable as long as your body is filled with positivity and the heart is kept young.”

Well, Rahul’s bond with his Dadaji is indeed sweet and a message for others to love their grandparents in current times.

Besides, the singer also shared the idea behind Sone De, “The song mainly goes to everyone who’s been staying up late at night binging on Series and social media and is having a hard time sleeping. It is for the nocturnals at home with their family who don’t get enough sleep at night and their parents don’t let them sleep during the day.”

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Lastly, Rahul spoke about his upcoming mini-album, shot on the iPhone, which he will be releasing soon.

“Yes, to keep the people motivated and let them know that anything is possible even while you are within the confines of your home, I’ll be releasing a full mixtape recorded on my iPhone. I have already released two songs from this lockdown mini-album, Haath Dhona Mat Bhoolna and Sone De ft. Dadaji. Both of them have been received well online and have encompassed over 200,000 views on various social media platforms collectively. I will be releasing three more songs in this format,” the singer concluded.

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