Software engineer turned singer-songwriter Harish Budhwani feels 'Zinda'with meaningful songs!

“We live in a world where we are always rushing and running after something, forgetting to appreciate the beauty of nature. Zinda is about finding someone, who too, feels alive in nature like us,” says Software engineer turned singer-songwriter Harish Budhwani who recently released his second single.

In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, he talks about Zinda, how he listened to his calling for music, his music debut, his love for meaningful songs, and more.

Tell us about your second single ‘Zinda’. How has been the response received?

I wrote Zinda for myself, sitting in my room in the loud and busy city thinking about how beautiful nature is and how great it makes me feel about everything in my life. Maybe I was missing being in the mountains or the peace that I feel during a sunset. I just wanted to get my feelings out. So it's kind of personal. But later when I performed it on my tour, I could see a lot of people connecting with me and requesting me to release it as soon as possible. That's when I decided that my second single has to be this one because maybe people need this. Music helps people connect with their own emotions and listen to more songs they can relate to and I think Zinda will be one such song.

I have got a great response; my inbox is flooded with messages from people who really connect with it.

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You debuted in January 2020 with your first song ‘Saari Umar’. Did you always to become a singer? At what age did you all start?

Yes, Initially I wanted to become a singer when I started developing an interest in music at the age of 16 but two years later I composed my first song, and thereafter I always wanted to sing my own songs.

What’s your key genre? Are you open to experimentation?

I have always been open to experimentation and have developed interest over the years in many genres from Semiclassical to Western, from pop to blues, etc.

Have you taken classical training in singing?

No, I am self-learned.

You also write songs, compose music and play guitar. How do you manage your multiple skills? Which is your favourite?

I love composing the most, whether I am singing or playing an instrument, I get automatically inclined towards making something new. When it comes to managing, I dedicate some time to practice and improve in guitar playing and singing but for composing, it's natural and I think listening to different music makes me better in that.

Which guitar do you play? Are you a trained g