Singers Prateek Gandhi and Alfeeya Donna's 'Do Hisse' endures pain of separation between lovers!

MUMBAI: With fresh wounds from a broken heart, singer, composer and music producer Prateek Gandhi and award-winning actress and singer Alfeeya Donna poured their pain into their latest release Do Hisse.

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Do Hisse is a soul-stirring song of two grieving lovers enduring the pain of separation. The duo takes you on an emotional ride and exhibits how the estrangement breaks them from within but still they wish nothing but the best for each other. Speaking about the song, Prateek who has sung, composed and produced the music of Do Hisse, says, "This is my first music video as an actor. It's all about saying goodbye to the one you want to spend your life with. I really enjoyed creating this off-track genre nd enjoyed working on this project as the song is very close to my heart."

Alfeeya Donna, a go-getter at heart with careers in acting, entrepreneurship and now debuting as a singer says, "I fell in love with this track the minute Prateek made me listen to it, as the music and lyrics touched my heart. Also, because I was in actual, going through a breakup period myself, so I could relate to it on a deeper level while recording this song as a singer. Overall I had an amazing and satisfying experience as an artist working on this song project with my team who worked really hard putting in their expertise, respectively. Thank you to my wonderful team and all the people who are loving this song."

Prateek Gandhi has composed music for industry stalwarts like Benny Dayal, Ankit Tiwari, Shefali Alvares and Gurinder Seagal. As a singer, he has crooned a punchy Star Sports Cricket World Cup anthem ‘Tum Khelo Dum Se’ and even Hot Star’s IPL anthem. His hit songs include ‘Prem Deewani’ featuring actor Manish Goplani and based on Mirabai’s poem, three songs featuring Purva Mantri, namely ‘Raanjha Ve’, ‘Banke Patola’ and ‘Bade Kamine Ho’ which have cumulatively racked up nearly 13 million views on YouTube. Further, songs produced by him like ‘Beishqi Galliyan’ by Benny Dayal and Shefali Alvares, ‘Mumbai Machaand’ by the infamous Hindustani Bhau and ‘Kahi Nai Jaana’ by Lakshay Kapoor have crossed eight million views. His most recent single ‘Kalma’ has already crossed 2.2 million views.

Gandhi spends his days churning out hundreds of songs for other independent artists, including himself (To this day, he refers to himself as an Indie artist. It’s where his soul lies). His Rajasthani folk album ‘Jogan Piya’ is a homage to his state and speaks of his longing for Banswara, his hometown. The album contains four sincere songs ‘Mharo des’, ‘Neend Nahi Aave’, ‘Thare Siwa’ and ‘Piya Ko Milan’ that are unquestionable hits to his fanbase. As a singer, Alfeeya Donna will be soon singing and featuring in a single tp be made in collaboration with the King of Bhangra, Mika Singh!

It’s no wonder that both Gandhi and Donna have come together in 'Do Hisse', supported by a stellar team that includes Bollywood violinist Abhijeet Mazumdar, lyricist Ritika Chawla and director Shreyansh Misra.

Do Hisse is a collaborative production by AUM Studios and MCN Digital and distributed by SongDew.

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