Singer Gaurav Sharma to recreate iconic Bollywood song; calls remixing ‘risky’!

MUMBAI: Maula singer Gaurav Sharma is all set to re-create an iconic Bollywood song, marking his debut attempt in this zone of music creation.

Speaking about the remake number, Gaurav Sharma said, “My next song is with Zee Music Company for which I am working with a television actress. I am re-creating an iconic song pictured on a famous Bollywood actor. I have added my compositions, lyrics.”

“It is my first time working on a remix song and it is very challenging because we are recreating a hit song. Hence, there is a lot of burden on the composer. When you remaking your song, you can do it anyway, but playing with an already hit song is a risky thing and we got to be very attentive. Some people don’t like it because already in their mind, an image of the singer and music has got etched,” he further added.

Meanwhile, the singer’s next single is a Punjabi romantic, which will release post lockdown. He is also making the most of the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus.

“My lockdown schedule is all about music. I get up in the morning and do riyaaz on piano, guitar, and create new compositions. I am already working on a song,” he shared.

When we asked him to list five things, he is doing apart from music, the Maula singer revealed, “I do yoga. I watch YouTube for some workout. I watch some movies, a good series on Netflix.”

“Besides, I do a little bit of household work (laughs), spend a good time with our family. This is a very good time to work on your weaknesses, do future planning etc.,” he added.

The singer, who is also a radio jockey with All India Radio (AIR), gave a message to fans on the ongoing corona pandemic.

“Corona is a very serious problem. I will request people to take good care of themselves, do not forward fake messages, listen to Maula and other songs because they calm you. They say music is a good medication even for depression. Music can heal humans. So, listen to music as much as you can,” he concluded.

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