‘Sadke Java’ is combination of my Punjabi roots and Shivam’s EDM style of music production: Reshabh

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

MUMBAI: Multifaceted singer, composer Reshabh Chhabra has grabbed a good fan following with some amazing songs, he and his clan, released during the lockdown phase. Chabra, whose last collaboration with Astitva band’s Zaman Khan got an amazing response, has sung a Punjabi song, Sadke Java. He has collaborated with India’s EDM star Shivam Bhatia for this song that has a blend of desi with EDM beats!

Watch song here

Speaking about this amazing Punjabi – EDM fusion, Reshabh Chhabra said, “Sadke Java is a combination of my Punjabi roots and Shivam’s EDM style of music production! This song has that international flavor with a twist of desi-ness to it.”

Commenting on collaborating with India's EDM star Shivam Bhatia, who has rapped for this upbeat song, the multifaceted musician further said, “I met Shivam through my brother’s friend, and I was straightaway blown by his skills and talent. His music has been featured and appreciated by so many International names, and he deserves it! He told me that he wants to do a Punjabi number as it was an untouched genre for him. So I had these lyrics with me and I sent a demo to him and surprisingly he added a verse of rap in his own voice, which was going beautifully with the track, and hence, we took it forward.”

On his experience of working with Shivam, the singer-composer shared, “It was really refreshing. I wanted to do a Punjabi dance track for a while now and this track has been such a learning experience for me! Although, I could have produced the track myself, but having Shivam on board gave the song a very fresh and unique perspective. It could not have been the song it is if it was not produced by Shivam. A big thanks to him for teaching me a few new techniques too!”

Reshabh, who is also a composer, music producer, had debuted as a singer with Emotions Vich, which was the first time he sang a Punjabi number.

“It’s been almost 2 years now, so it feels fresh to step into the Punjabi zone again! The amazing EDM yet desi style of the music and the lyrics of the song makes it very special, he further exclaimed!

Lastly, when asked about working with Shivam Bhatia in the near future, Reshabh concluded, “We are working on our next song as we speak.”