Saavira Pranaama: I will never stop doing singles, says singer Nakul Abhyankar on indie music debut!

MUMBAI: Popular playback singer Nakul Abhyankar, who has made a name in the South Indian music industry, has debuted in the world of indie music. The singer who knows and sings in multiple languages, released his first-ever single, Saavira Pranaama, dedicated to all mothers. The Kannada song was released on Mother’s Day.

Speaking about Saavira Pranaama, Nakul who has also composed the song said, “I had composed the song three years ago for my mother’s birthday. At that point, the song was at a very basic stage. No, since I have a lot of time on my hand, I thought of releasing it and Mother’s Day was also around the corner.”

“This is my first ever single and I haven’t released any before. I have done music direction for three movies but as an independent artist, this is my first song. I thought of starting my independent career with a song for all mothers,” further added the singer who is best known for songs like Neeli Kanumallo, Azhage and CEO in the House, etc.

Saavir Pranaama is a melodious track which salutes mothers of the world. The music is catchy and lyrics blend with the emotion of the song. Nakul’s voice is magical in the song. You will want to listen to its melody again and again.

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Saavira Pranaama is penned by V. Manohar, while the programming, mix, and mastering is done by Nakul Abhyankar himself. The artwork for the lyrical video is done by Devika Joglekar.

The song has been getting a phenomenal response.

Commenting on the same, Nakul added, “The response has been good, whoever has heard, they have liked the song. Eventually, the song will be out on various platforms. Jonita Gandhi and Shashaa Tirupati have appreciated my song. Vijay Prakash sent me a personal message saying he liked the song. It’s a Kannada language song. Hence, I got a lot of feedback from people from the Kannada music industry also.”

On the future of indie music, the singer said, “All I can do is hope for things to improve. I am pretty sure that as long as anyone makes good music and has put up a lot of effort and if the music makes sense, I think that music will come out in some or the other form. People will listen to it and the song will speak for itself. Artists shouldn’t think negatively and do what they feel like doing.”

I will never stop doing singles no matter they do good or not. If I think the song is giving out a message and the music is good to listen to and 10 people around me are happy about it, I don’t see a reason, why the world would reject it,” he further added.