Rishi Rich is a legend, and working with him is a milestone in itself: Singer Raveena Mehta

With her third single, Jab Tu Hai Wahi, singer Raveena Mehta has once again grabbed eyeballs. The song that has been garnering a positive response and making it to leading digital platforms marks the indie singer’s debut with popular musician Rishi Rich. In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, Raveena talks about her experience of working with Rishi and the song, her musical journey, and how she manages to pull off that style in her every music video.

Let’s talk about ‘Jab Tu Hai’ Wahi that happens to be your third single. What makes it different from the previous two songs?

Jab Tu Hai Wahi is my newest single with Rishi Rich. It is a very different and unique song and unlike anything, I’ve heard before. The fact that it pushes the norms for what we know to be true about music is definitely something that excites me. It is different from my other two singles in the way that it is definitely very production-focused; with the vocal chops and the massive focus on drum programming. As a song, it is also very unique as it fuses together various different styles and genres.

Can you tell us more about the music of the song?

The music of Jab Tu Hai Wahi is entirely done by Rishi. He has gone back to his roots; drum programming, something that he is widely recognized for.

The song marks your debut collaboration with Rishi Rich. How was the experience of working with him?

Working on Jab Tu Hai Wahi has been an absolute dream. Rishi Rich is a legend, and having had the opportunity to work with someone like him is a milestone in itself. He has paved the way for artists like me to be able to think that it is okay to test the boundaries and try different and fun things. Working with him was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot.

Anything new you learnt from Rishi and want to share with us?

The kind of discipline that Rishi works with is so brilliant, definitely a lot more to learn from him, but I really enjoyed witnessing his passion and discipline.

You are looking ravishing in the song. How do you manage to pull off that style, screen presence, and acting?

Thank you very much, that’s very kind. It took the whole JTHW team and their vision to make any of it possible.

How excited were you for the song? Did you expect it to become an instant hit too?

I was very excited about the song, but more for its journey. It’s already had a beautiful journey and I was sure it will get its due appreciation and recognition. But what’s been very exciting for me is the process, working with the team, and the ability to learn and grow through the project.

How has been your musical journey so far?

The musical journey has been very special so far. I’ve loved and learnt from every aspect of it and I can only hope that I continue learning and growing with more experiences.

Lastly, any message you want to give to the fans?