Recording 'Tu Hai Zarroori' during lockdown was challenging: Bollywood singer Suraj Chauhan

Bollywood singer, writer, and composer Suraj Chauhan, whose latest single, Tu Hai Zarroori is out, talks about the song, the experience of working on it, and more. In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, the singer also shares how difficult it was to record Tu Hai Zarroori during the lockdown.

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Let's talk about your latest song, 'Tu Hai Zarroori' which has been sung, written, and composed by you? How did it land in your kitty?

Yes, Tu Hai Zarroori is my composition, written and composed by me. One of my friends had called me when I was playing my acoustic guitar. In between, I heard the dialogue which was like ‘Aaja Le Chalu Tujhe Aasman Me, Chaand Ko Uski Aukaat Dikha Ne’. I got some kind of vibrations from these lines and I started with the first line ‘Aaja Dikha Du Tujhe Vo Chaand Taare, Rehte He Jo Vo Duniya Se Dur Saare’. This is how I started and then completed the whole song in a month.

What is the key highlight of the song?

Tu Hai Zarroori's key highlight is the breakdown part, which is very catchy, interesting, and meaningful with the lyrics and it was the most challenging part to write in rime concerning the feel. And, if we see from the visual aspect then also that breakdown is important because at that time Sakshee enters the room and gets crazy from the surprise

What did you enjoy more - writing, composing, Ror singing the song?

Well, honestly, I enjoyed doing all three of them, but singing was the easier part for me when compared to writing and composing.

How challenging was it to record the song during the lockdown?

It was challenging because you do not know if the person standing next to you is positive or negative for coronavirus. So, at that time, it was hard to make anyone trust you. I was not afraid of Corona, but at that time, the studio was not available. Even my other musician friends got scared of doing any project.

How has been your collaboration with Prince Gupta and Ricky Singh, who have joined hands for promoting indie artists?

It was super easy, interesting, and cheerful from both sides. Prince Gupta is such a talented director and knows what he is doing and is a very visionary person. I want to work with him again and again.

I am thankful to Mr.Ricky Singh for giving this wonderful opportunity with so much trust and freedom of doing my song the way I wanted to do.