Raveena Mehta calls 'Aaja Mere Naal' enriched musical experience

MUMBAI: The recently released single, Aaja Mere Naal sung by and featuring Raveena Mehta has struck a chord with the audience owing to its catchy beat.

"It is such a wonderful feeling to know that Aaja Mere Naal has been so brilliantly received. I would like to thank those that support independent music and have appreciated our song, " exclaimed Raveena Mehta.

Speaking about the song, she said, "Aaja Mere Naal is a melancholic, retro/pop release however, it does so much more musically. It amalgamates elements of western contemporary/gospel sound with classical Hindustani ragas. Along with this, it is also rooted in deep house. This is unique and is essentially what allows for an enriched musical experience."

Her crackling chemistry with co-singer Rishabh Kant has grabbed eyeballs.

Commenting on her experience of working with Rishabh Kant in the song, the talented singer exclaimed, "Rishabh is a very close friend of mine, and is so incredibly talented. It is always such an amazing experience working with him. He is very process driven and treats the creation of each song like an artwork. The kind of passion, creativity and energy that he brings into a room is unlike anything else."

She has a message for people who haven't heard the song yet, "You can expect to feel nostalgic and melancholic with the intricate melodies that bounce of each other and enthralled by the overall sound and video production."

Raveena who was last seen with Avitesh Srivastav in the single, Yaadein is working on many projects.

"There is a lot more in the pipeline, and I am looking forward to sharing it with the world in the near future, " Raveena Mehta concludes.

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