Pandit Iman Das brings renowned singers together for cause with ‘Anand Karo’

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

MUMBAI: In the era of remixes, there are some singers retaining the essence of Indian classical music and promoting it on a global platform. One such name that has reached across the world owing to his classical singing and music is Pandit Iman Das. The Bengaluru based classical vocalist has released a classical song, Anand Karo on the occasion of Guru Purnima. Leading a brigade of seven renowned singers, musicians, Das has a noble cause behind this pure classical number.

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Speaking about what led to the making of Anand Karo, Pandit Iman Das said, “Since the lockdown has begun, everything around us has been pretty negative. Although we are entertaining digitally, the music has been synonymous with our own negativity. During my search for happiness somewhere, I thought of not letting Guru Pournima be a dull day like others have been. Guru Pournima is the most important day in our lives especially in a classical musician’s life where we learnt everything from our Guru, the Gurumukhi Vidya. I, therefore, decided to do a music video, composed the song, wrote, and tuned it. Then I called my friends belonging to different genres of music. Anand Karo, therefore, has singers, musicians who are superstars in their respective industries.”

The musical line-up includes inspiring artists across India and belonging to different genres of music. They are namely - Dev Negi (popular for his songs like Chalti Hain Kya Nau Se Gyarah from Judwaa 2, Sweety Tera Drama from Bareilly Ki Barfi), Aditi Paul (Ang Laga De Re from Ramleela, Veeron Ke Veer Aa from Bahubali 2), M.D. Pallavi (Kannada Playback Singer, TV Anchor, Actress), Mridula Varrier (Malayalam Playback Singer), Chandana Bala Kalyan (Carnatic Fusion – popularly identified for her classical rendition), Iman Chakraborty (National Award-winning Tollywood Playback Singer), Rimpa Siva (Female Tabla Maestro), Vishal Krishna (Kathak Maestro), Satyarup Siddhanta (Guinness book of World Record holding Mountaineer) and young sitarist Swarnaba Gupta who has done the arrangement of the song while Anand PG has done the video editing.

On being asked if it was easy to convince others to be a part of the song, the singer told,Dev Negi was a little apprehensive initially because he is used to singing in a genre different from Anand Karo. But on hearing the composition, he agreed as well as did a fantastic job in, both, the audio and the video version.”

To be honest as filmy musicians, we crave for good compositions. All the singers have told me that we seldom get a chance to sing this kind of composition, which actually gets aired or produced. They all are experienced musicians and they were all very happy,” he further informed.

Leading the team of so many good singers for a song is indeed a challenge as experience, egos and creative differences might occur.

On being quizzed about the same, Das exclaimed, “When there are seven singers from seven genres, the first thing that happens is that all the egos tend to clash. The biggest challenge while directing them to ensure that nobody feels his or her part in the song was less than others both in the audio and the video. We did the best that we could and everybody is happy. Most importantly, everyone was in for the cause and hence, didn't give heed to their part being small or big in the song.” The song aims to raise funds for the underprivileged children suffering education-wise during the lockdown.

Further speaking about the same, the classical vocalist revealed, “We all know that due to the ongoing pandemic, online schools have started all over India except for the rural students who are finding it extremely difficult to get a laptop, phone or proper internet network. Hence, the sole reason to bring these popular faces together was to make the song go viral. It is not for the monetary gains of any one of us involved, but for the underprivileged children. For this, we have joined hands with 4 NGOs that are doing the fantastic job of educating rural students PAN India. The funds generated from the viewership of the video will go directly to the NGOs involved.”

NGOs involved in Iman Das’ noble cause are namely - GariaSathi, which works closely with autistic kids, MVF India has been on a mission of freeing every child from child labour and giving education to all the children, Akshara Foundation also strongly believes that education is every child’s right and Hasiru Dala that is working to provide equal rights to the waste pickers and their families. The links of these NGOs are also shared in the video description so that people can donate directly.

On the foreseen funds to be raised, Pandit Iman Das is quite hopeful.

“We hope to raise adequate money so that each child gets the deserving education they need, which will help them in their future endeavors of life. Through our video, even if we are able to buy 100 laptops for 100 children, our job will be done. We are hoping that all the big TV channels will take this up and showcase the song to get a larger audience,” the hopeful musician exclaimed.

Pt. Iman Das also had another hidden agenda behind Anand Karo, which was to promote his genre - classical music with singers who are more popular than him.

Anand Karo released o Guru Pournima and Iman Das also spoke about his Gurus who helped in the shaping of his career. “I have had the fortune of learning from some great Gurus. I am from Patiala Gharana. My inspiration is our great Mount Everest of music Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Saab. I have also learnt from Padmabhushan Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty, Pandit Shantanu Bhattacharyya and Pandit Kalyan Basu who was the direct disciple of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Saab,” the obliged singer said.

Iman Das concluded with a message for all on, both, corona and classical music. “No need to panic, corona will go someday though it is taking some more time. At the end of the tunnel, there has to be some light. Let's stay positive, happy, and hope for better days to come, he said. To the young generation, Iman Das concluded with advice, “The only message I will give to youngsters is to listen to every kind of genre including classical music and then you decide.”

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