Music industry has less nepotism as its a performing art: Vipin Patwa

MUMBAI: Singer, music composer Vipin Patwa, who recently released, Pukara, a heartfelt tribute to his father, says that there is less nepotism in the Indian music industry.

Speaking about the same, Vipin exclaimed, “The music industry has less nepotism as it’s a performing art. You cannot be succesful by singing bad songs. You will have to create good music and enhance your singing to flourish.”

“People belonging to well-known families do get easy and more chances but only good work will make them sustain further in the industry,” he further added.

Further highlighting, how nepotism is an inseparable part of every industry, Vipin Patwa explained, “Nepotism is present in every industry. If someone has been working in any industry for over two-three generations, they have created connections and a good will. Hence they will have an upper hand. So, we should not go on the negative side of it. If you see from this point of view, then you will see that there is not much nepotism.”

The issue of nepotism once again came to the fore after late actor Sushant Singh Rajput allegedly committed suicide on 14th June 2020.

On the work front, Vipin Patwa has some amazing projects lined up in the near future.