Music connects people, says Rishabh Chhabra on 'Jaani Ve' sung by Pakistani singer

MUMBAI: While the tension keeps on rising at the borders, music has once again brought India and Pakistan together through the newest song, Jaani Ve. Released under Indian music label TPZ Records, the Punjabi song is composed by Indian musician Rishabh Chhabra while it is sung by Pakistani singer Fardeen Ali and shot in Pakistan. The entire collaboration was done online!

Revealing about the same, Rishabh Chhabra says, “We met online last year. Fardeen had heard my music and wanted me to make a song for him. This led to Jaani Ve.”

“It’s a sad but a next level Punjabi song. I have tried my best to portray emotion. I did the music and composition part for it. He has not only sung the song but has also featured in the music video,” the music composer further added.

The sad song has a heart-touching melody. The music video has a story of heartbreak and features the Pakistani singer. It is produced by Bilal Jatt and is out on Indian Record label TPZ Records.

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The cross-border-collaboration could have attracted criticism due to the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan.

When we asked Rishabh, who recently sang the lockdown anthem, Ye Saal Delete Kardo, the singer, writer and composer explained, “I never thought about facing criticism because see whether it is Pakistan, Nepal, USA or any other country, music is something that connects people. For me, it was just about working with the guy, who is a good artist. I heard his voice and loved it and wanted to work with him. So, I didn’t see any of the consequences though we faced some, I was never bothered by it.”

The multi-faceted artist further shared on how the legal restriction of working with Pakistani artists, led to Fardeen Ali not getting his rights for the song on the papers.

“In India, you are not legally allowed to work with Pakistani artists. So, the sad part is that Fardeen Ali had to leave all his rights for the song, which is in my name. He has got the credits and name featured but on the papers, Jaani Ve is in my name,” he sadly shared.

Well, it is indeed a positive gesture from an Indian music composer, singer to feel sad about owning a song on the papers, which was sung by a Pakistani singer.

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