Multi-talented singer Gaurav Sharma’s unique style of blending music genres has melody!

MUMBAI: Among the various indie singers, composers, Gaurav Sharma has made a unique place for himself among fans with his unique style of blending two different genres. A singer, composer, actor, and a radio jockey at All India Radio, Gaurav has made three songs in the past two years namely, Tu Pyaar Hai Mera, Aashiqui and Maula. Each song has a unique melody!

In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, the self-made musician said, “Being a singer, actor, composer and write, I believe that I should do something versatile for the audience so that I can entertain them in new ways. Hence, I blend genres so that I can present different music creations to people that are versatile at the same time. My first song Tu Pyaar Hai Mera was a romantic pop number. My second song Aashiqui was a rock romantic track, different from my first song. While thinking about how I would make my third song different from the previous two, it clicked me that I should make a Sufi song to give a different taste to the people. This led to Maula, which is a Sufi romantic song.”

Maul was released in 2019 and featured television actress Mansi Srivastava. The song has a story behind it.

“There is a very good story behind the song. I was in Manali, sitting at a resort when it was snowing outside. The view was scenic and while watching the hills and feeling the snowfall, I started humming a tune on my guitar. I liked the tune and started working on it further and thus Maula was composed amidst the hills,” shared Gaurav.

On being asked what makes this Sufi romantic number stand out, the singer who is also radio jockey with All India Radio exclaimed “I have kept melody alive in Maula, which makes it different from others. Also, in the current age of remixes, I am making my own compositions.”

Commenting on his experience of working with Mansi Srivastava, the musician said, “My experience of working with Mansi was very good. She is very professional and we bonded very well. I remember she liked my song immediately after listening to it and giving a nod saying, ‘Gaurav, let’s do the song!”

Gaurav, who is currently working on a lot of projects, informed that people not only loved Maula back then but are listening to it even today while gladly awaiting his new songs.

“If it was not for lockdown, my new song would have been released by now. It’s audio was completed and I was in plans to shoot but had to wait due to lockdown. They say whatever happens is for your good,” he exclaimed.

Well, that’s indeed true and we hope the lockdown ends soon so that the singer can resume with the shooting of his next, which is touted to be a Punjabi number.

Besides, the writer, the composer is also aware of the hard work done in making a music video.

He spoke on the same, “There is a lot of hard work done behind the making of a music video. From writing the song to singing it in the studio, thinking about its concept, and working on its video. We have to think even about the costume, makeup, storyboard, and its production. It is only then that a song is ready.”

The multi-talented artist is also an actor and a brand ambassador for various brands.

On being asked, how he manages doing everything, he exclaimed, “It’s a god gift. I am multi-talented and like to do everything. If you have strong willpower then you can do any job like a pro! Also, they say if you do something from the bottom of your heart, it becomes easy.”

He also owns a production house called ‘Chormeum Creations Pvt Ltd.’