‘Maybe Sunidhi is not happy with my cleaning’, responds singer’s husband to separation rumours!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

MUMBAI: The lockdown period has seen rumour mills churning too many fake stories and celebrity breakup rumours are topping the list. One such separation rumour of singer Sunidhi Chauhan going separate ways with husband Hitesh Sonik was making headlines today until the latter shunned the rumours with a witty reply!

Speaking to Times of India, the music director informed that the couple is very much staying together and has divided the house chores. He also informed about being too busy doing the cleaning to even read the news. But his witty response saying, ‘Maybe Sunidhi is not happy with my cleaning’, stole limelight.

News of their eight-year-old marriage going rock bottom had surfaced post the couple had returned from their Goa trip when Sunidhi had said ‘no comments’ to Bombay Times. The Crazy Kiya Re singer also chose to keep mum today.

On this, her Hitesh Sonik told that maybe she finds the news too outrageous and hence might have chosen not to comment.

Well, Sonik’s denial of Sunidhi and he not going separate ways has given a sigh of relief to her fans as the couple is very much together and staying under one roof.

Meanwhile, Sunidhi Chauhan and Hitesh Sonik tied the knot in 2012 and have a son, Tegh born in 2018. This is Sunidhi’s second marriage. The Mast singer was earlier married to choreographer Bobby Khan but the marriage withered within a year of the couple exchanging nuptials.

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