Life hasn't changed much says Bollywood lyricist Prashant Ingole on lockdown!

MUMBAI: The ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus in India has brought the country to a standstill for everyone’s good. While many people are exhausted sitting at home, not much has changed for Bollywood lyricist Prashant Ingole.

Speaking about the same, he exclaimed, “Life has been amazing, for me there is no change because this is how I was both before and during lockdown. I hardly used to go out and have a few friends. So, it’s the same old life for me. I used to step out only for my running in the evening, which I am missing now.”

The Malaal and Bajirao Mastaani fame lyricist has a busy schedule during lockdown.

“I have scheduled myself completely. I am scripting, writing songs, doing exercise, learning guitar and Spanish. I am also cooking on alternate days. So, it’s like a complete schedule from morning to evening. I am also watching a movie every night.”

He also informed about doing his laundry himself since last 9-10 years and that he doesn’t use a washing machine.

Prashant is also spending quality time with his family. He shared, “After 7:30, I don’t do anything as I spend about an hour and a half with my mom and sister. We just talk and chitchat and reminiscence the old times.”

Lastly, Prashant Ingole gave a sneak peek into his upcoming projects, “I am working on six scripts overall, writing two new and refining one for web series and refining three feature film scripts. I am doing a film for a US-based company for which I am writing six songs. Besides, I am composing songs and doing a lot of other stuff.”

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