Kishore da is my idol and 'Rimjhim Gire Sawan' has been one of my favorite songs: Gaurav Sharma

MUMBAI: Singer, composer Gaurav Sharma has recreated legendary singer Kishore Kumar’s famous song, RimJhim Gire Sawan. Released recently, the song features talented model and actress Ruma Sharma.

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Speaking about why he chose to recreate the iconic song, Gaurav who loves experimenting and creating new music shared, “Kishore da is my idol and Rimjhim Gire Sawan is one of my favorite songs since childhood. I love his compositions and his techniques help us learn a lot as an artist. Also, my audience keeps sending me requests to make covers and recreate their favorite songs. So, it was a good choice to work on.”

On being asked if there was a pressure to do justice with the already famous song, the Tu Pyaar Hai Mera singer exclaimed, “Definitely, whenever you rework on something original you have the pressure because the audience always compares it with the original and it’s not easy to experiment. In this recreation, I have made sure that the spirit of the song remains the same and I hope the audience likes this version as well

Recreational songs receive criticism too. When we asked Gaurav if he thinks people will accept his version of ‘Rimjhim Gire Saawan, the talented indie artist expressed, “I have put all my heart in this song. Let’s see how much the audience loves it. Music is an emotion for me and in all of my projects, I keep working until I am fully satisfied with all of its aspects. It's only then you can expect your audience to like it as well.”

Meanwhile, Gaurav Sharma's previous motivational song, Harega Nahi India was a multi-celeb project displays his versatility with genres. Gaurav debuted as a singer and actor with a soulful track - ‘Tu Pyar Hai Mera’. Known for his sensational voice, his inspiration for music comes from the golden gems of 90s - Kishor Da and RD Burman. He also has an inclination towards social service, he has been spreading the art by training vocals and instruments to prisoners of Tihar for the past 11 years. He believes that music is a great healer and aims to spread love and positivity with music and especially in this covid period.