Indo American singer Subhi releases original single 'Naqaab'

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

MUMBAI: Indo-American Singer-Songwriter Subhi who recently released her single, Mehfil and Cage has come up with her latest video song 'Naqaab'. Directed by Pulkit Datta, a very special thing about the music video is that it is shot completely under lockdown in USA and is shot over a phone camera, unlike her other videos which were shot using a professional setup.

Shot in New York, Naqaab is a song about unfulfilled desires, a song that talks about unmasking your desires and letting the world see the real you! A song derived from her experience in her musical journey, a song that showcases her breaking the ceiling and fighting her inhibitions to put her music out there. Speaking about Naqaab Subhi says, "The word 'Naqaab' means - mask. We all have unfulfilled desires, but we are afraid to acknowledge them. We hide them deep down, somewhere within us, and pretend to be happy and that's what was happening to me. Being an Indian American I always had this conflict of where I belong. I was writing and creating in both Hindi and English, but because of my fears and preconceived notions, I never shared or released my English songs. I feel as women, we sometimes undermine our own desires and wishes. I have realized, I need to free myself, unmask myself, and let the world see the true me. I want to tell people that it's alright to have desires, but it's not okay to have regrets. Unmask all of those desires and set yourself free so that you can live. I plan on releasing my English songs soon." Watch video

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