Indo American singer-songwriter Subhi breaks past shackles and fears in debut English single!

MUMBAI: Indo American Singer-Songwriter 'Subhi' @subhimusic who has been releasing her original Hindi singles like Aagosh, Cage, Naqaab and Mehfil, released her first-ever English single, In My Way. The song is a part of her EP scheduled to release over this year-end and the beginning of 2021.

In My Way was written while Subhi was in LA working with Chris G. Wright. She wrote this song in real-time in his studio. In My Way is a song about getting in your own way. For her debut album, she had worked with a few Jazz musicians from Chicago. It was a Hindi Pop Jazz Album. She knew very little about Jazz but her songs had a natural swing to them so they worked really well with Jazz.

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Speaking about the song, Subhi says, “I connected with the arranger of my album through Facebook. We met and started working on the project. He got some great musicians on board to record the album and play with me on tours and gigs."

"Although he was very talented, he was a male chauvinist. He mentally abused me for almost two years. He always tried to take over, control my vision, show he was far more talented than me. He tried to reduce my own worth in front of my bandmates and made me believe that females are not good band leaders and that he should lead my project in all possible ways. It took me a little over two years, to get out of that hell. It was a very rough experience for me and when I finally got the courage to fire him, I became very ‘closed' as an artist. I realized I needed to have complete control over my project. I needed to arrange my own songs and audition musicians before hiring them. The idea of collaborating was a scary one as I just didn’t want to deal with someone like my past musical arranger anymore," she further shares about her experience with a past music arranger.

Subhi further adds, "I closed myself to the world and felt like I was in some kind of a rut. It wasn’t until 2019 that I realized if there are bad people in the music industry, there are also some amazingly good people as well. I was fortunate to have met some wonderful and kind-hearted musicians who made the process of trusting people again easy for me. But all this took time and I realized that I was stopping myself from growing earlier. One bad experience had hampered my own growth as an artist. I needed to get out of my shell, meet people, and collaborate."

"In My Way is a song about getting in our own way of growing, learning, and achieving our goals. It took time but there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud. We just have to find it and I am so glad to have discovered it in the years to come,” she concludes while shedding light on how she found herself and belief in her music back!