Indie singer Aaryan calls his ‘Billboard’ entry ‘confidence booster’!

MUMBAI: Getting your name etched on the popular international music chart, Billboard is a moment of glory for global singers and musicians. Indie singer Aaryan Banthia has joined the list of those privileged with his latest song, Back In The Day that also marks his debut in the world of English music.

“That was really something for me. I was shocked because there are so many good artists out there and this is just my first English song. However, they didn’t upload it on their main website maybe because I just have two indie songs to refer to otherwise I would have been on the mainstream. But, it’s a privileged achievement. The billboard entry is definitely a ‘confidence booster’ as I am working on more English songs right now,” exclaimed Aaryan in an exclusive interview with Music Beat.

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It doesn’t seem like the singer’s first English song as he sounds like a pro!

On quizzed about the same, Aaryan shared, “My background has been pretty much English oriented. I started in the UK where I did my university. I used to do an open mic show there, which was just a hobby at that time, but people came to see me perform.”

Aaryan’s Back In The Day is an opt number for people to reminisce about their old times. The song encompasses a group of childhood friends, who lost touch due to their bustling lifestyle. Most noteworthy, they carry a mighty bond despite all odds that the protagonist reminisces.

“During the times when my previous song, Yaadein was doing well when one of my friends told me that he had written a song and asked me to check it out and I couldn’t resist. I wanted to compose it because I related to the song a lot as I have lived Back in the Day with that friend,” shared the singer when talking about the idea behind the song.

He further added, “It came across like a very fun song for the masses. Everyone in the age group of 25-27, 40-45 will be like ‘this was us back in the days when our fathers’ were after us and we needed to get out of this and ‘friends’ was the best getaway.’”

Well, Aaryan’s Billboard number has dropped online at an apt time for people to enjoy this song during the ongoing India lockdown due to Corona virus.

The music video has already garnered over one million views on YouTube within just one month just like his previous song, Yaadein.

Meanwhile, Aaryan has some interesting projects in store. Stay tuned to Music Beat for more updates.

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