In my every song, I want to show a glimpse of my roots, says Bas Ka Nahi singer Badal

MUMBAI: Badal aka ‘Safidon Ka Chora’ has killed it in his newest song, Bas Ka Nahi, released by TM Music. Coming from a small town, the Punjabi singer wants to stay connected to his roots and that is evident in his all songs.

Speaking about the song with Music Beat, the singer, composer, and rapper shares, “I was in that phase of my life when I did not like being in a relationship and this emotion I have put in my song, Bas Ka Nahi. My songs are usually inspired by my real-life experiences and written from the heart.”

The song has a desi element, which Badal to retain in his all tracks.

“No matter what you do in life, if you are not connected with your roots then you are faking according to me. In every song, I want to show a glimpse of my roots and where I have come from. It is also depicted in the tracks, I write."

The video also features Badal who can be seen lying down on a traditional khatiyan. His acting and swag in the song is noteworthy too.

When asked to comment on his natural screen presence, the singer exclaims, “I can say everything is by god’s grace that people are liking my screen presence. I started singing as a hobby and never had plans to become a professional singer. When it comes to acting too, I have never taken any classes.”

The song has been receiving a good response and has garnered over views on YouTube.

Commenting on the same, Badal adds, “I am receiving a very good response for Bas Ka Nahi. In fact, the biggest achievement is that my school teachers are calling and appreciating me for my song. I was not a good student back then in school, so I feel very proud!”

Further speaking about his experience of working with TM Music, the Punjab born singer says, “The experience has been amazing as here, I have the freedom to do what I want to when it comes to my music. They understand my choices and when you get such support, it feels great to work.”

Being a singer, musician, Badal doesn’t listen to a lot of songs or does research for his projects.

“I take one whole day before the studio recording, sit and think how I am going to sing, which base I have to use in the song while making music, etc. So, I am always prepared in advance and it never happens spontaneously,” he shares about his working process.

Lastly, spilling beans on his upcoming projects, Safidon Ka Chora concludes, “I am working on a lot of projects including hip hop, Punjabi sad and romantic songs. I am trying a lot of different music and will be revealing it soon. We are a bit confused on which song to release first and hence cannot say much as of now, but I will always try that my next song will be better than my previous track (Bas Ka Nahi).