'I Want You' is a fun, playful and bold song that doesn’t categorize itself into any genre: Raveena

MUMBAI: Indie singer Raveena Mehta has elevated the oomph and style quotient with her fourth single, I Want You. The talented girl is burning the screen with her swag and voice in every song and this new track is another stylish music video with music experiments done by Raveena, singer Rishabh Kant and music producer, rapper and singer, Asad!! The song has been composed, written byRishabh Kant who has also produced its music. Dimple Mehta is the producer of the music video.

Watch video here

Speaking about her new song, Raveena Mehta said, “I Want You is an extremely fun, playful and bold song which doesn’t categorize itself into any one genre. While it is a pop song, there are various stylistic elements which make it extremely versatile. The music video is eye catching and thrilling and you will have to watch it till the end to see what happens with the brewing romance between the two characters.”

The teaser opens with an argument between lovers and we thought that it’s one Ruthna- Manana kind of song until the third person comes in the picture!

“Yes exactly! The video starts off with Rishabh and myself arguing in a car, and follows with him trying to make it up to me the next morning. But, we never really find out what happened between them as that’s left to audience interpretation. But, I’m sure it wasn’t a very big deal :). The video leads into Rishabh dropping at my doorstep with the rose and following me around iconic spots in Dubai to convince me. Of course, my character is not having it and decides to lead him towards a pool, push him in and ultimately walk off.”

With I Want You, the singer has once again collaborating with Rishabh Kant after Aaja Mere Naal.

On being asked how different the experience was this time, she exclaimed, “It’s always so lovely working with Rish. He is a very good friend of mine and we just have a brilliant time working together. It’s rare to come across people who you can have a strong musical connect with and Rishabh is one of those people for me. Both of us enjoy listening to variety of different musical styles and creating work that is versatile.”

Commenting on her collaboration with Asad, Raveena said, “Working with Asad is always brilliant. Asad is not only a talented rapper but also an amazing producer and singer. Asad is a very close friend as well and we have worked together on many projects that are in the pipeline, and I look forward to bringing those to all of you.’

Raveena, Rishabh and Asad look fab in the music video that is being loved by all.

When asked about her experience of working on the music video, the Jab Tu Wahi singer shared, “Shooting for I Want You was an incredible experience. We enjoyed every bit of it, when you are working and creating music with friends who are driven by similar goals, it doesn’t feel like work. All of us are ambitious and have a similar mentality towards giving our music our absolute best. So it’s wonderful being around people who are constantly propelling themselves to be the best versions of themselves for their art.”

Shooting the video in Dubai was a brilliant time. We explored, did location recce, were out in the desert, eating good food and shooting a really cool video with a dynamic and fun team. By the end of the trip we went back to Mumbai with some beautiful memories!

Lastly, Raveena Mehta gave a message to her fans, “I really hope that all of you enjoy this song! It is an exciting, vibrant song and will most definitely uplift your energy. We’ve put so much heart into this track and would love for people to enjoy this vibe with their friends and loved ones. I hope that all of you get excited for what lies ahead. I look forward to bringing a lot more positive energy through my music.”

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