I stand with the Black community in their fight for change: Goddess Pop singer Nikitaa

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

MUMBAI: The killing of George Floyd, this year, caused global outrage with world audiences coming forward to support of the Black Community. People from the music industry are no way behind when it comes to this noble cause. Globally popular for her Goddess music genre, singer-songwriter Nikitaa has also expressed her views in an exclusive interview with Music Bet.

“I stand with the Black community in their fight for change. Racism is a longstanding issue across the world, and the killing of George Floyd is but one in a very long history of brutal murders on the basis of race.”

The talented musician didn’t stop here but also highlighted the caste hierarchy in India.

Nikitaa said, “Even here in India we see effects of racism in the practices of casteism and colorism - both communally and systemically. Outrage is not enough and has never been enough. Real change is required.”

Further sharing her thoughts on what can be done to eradicate discrimination, Nikitaa who recently released her single, Goddess called racism not just an American but a human issue.

The singer said, “We must support and encourage each other to unlearn the biases we have developed towards oppressed communities. And to those of us who wield any amount of privilege or power, we must recognize it and move through the world using that privilege and that power to amplify the voices of those who are so often unheard and unheeded. Part of undoing systemic and institutionalized racism and discrimination involves the proper education and accountability of those perpetuating it both knowingly and unknowingly. We must all become comfortable with becoming very uncomfortable as we peel back the layers and layers of discrimination perpetuated for far too long in our human history.”

Black Lives Matter can be hailed as the largest movement in American and world history that's fights for freedom, liberation and justice for the black people. Meanwhile, Nikita’s recent song, Goddess is being well received by her global fans. Her genre is an amalgamation of RnB, Pop, and her South Asian heritage.

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The singer, who is quite active on Instagram, keeps on sharing her updates. She highlighted the importance of fresh starts in her latest stretching video on Instagram.

Her caption read, “Opening up is a daily practice. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually! I’m just grateful to begin every day.”

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