I learnt about specific microphones, vocal compression, soundproofing at 12, says singer Raveena

MUMBAI: Singer Raveena Mehta, whose recent song, Yaadein with Avitesh Srivastava celebrated love during quarantine time, commenced her singing career at the age of 12. Her commercial album From Deep Within was released in 2010. Having lived in Belgium, UK and India, the singer-songwriter has a multifaceted personality. In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, the Raveena talks about Yaadein, collaboration with Avitesh Srivastava, her musical journey and her schedule during the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus.

Tell us about your experience of working on ‘Yaadein’

‘Yaadein’ as a holistic experience was unforgettable. We had the most beautiful time right from the song as a concept, to recording, to shooting the video in Manali. It was so brilliant being integrated with every process right from the beginning. I really resonated with ‘Yaadein’ and genuinely look at it as an amalgamated vision of some very passionate and creative individuals, right from Avi, to our director Dhruwal Patel and his team.

How was the experience of collaborating with Avitesh Srivastava?

Collaborating with Avi was brilliant. We have been good friends since we were 16 and have been jamming ever since. However, it is fitting that Yaadein was our first track after all these years of knowing each other. Avi is wonderful; he is such a talented musician. Both of us have similar visions and continue to push bounds and experiment with incorporating different styles into Hindi music. This is really where both of us connect as artists, as we aren’t afraid to push the conventions.

You entered the world of music at the age of 12. How has been the journey so far?

The journey has been invaluable. I have found that everything I know today and a lot of how I see the world stems from the experience of having released an album at the age of 12. Despite the fact that my musicality and artistry has evolved over time, starting so young really helped me understand music in a deeper way. It also allowed me to envision this as a future, and I really couldn't thank my parents more for giving me the experience. I learnt about specific microphones, vocal compression, soundproofing, and other technicalities at 12. Ten years on, I feel so much pride in saying music is still one of the most integral aspects of my day-to-day-life. It has been a very rewarding journey.

How are you spending your lockdown time? Are you working on any song?

During the lockdown, I am spending time focusing on bettering certain skill sets. I do my riyaaz every day. I learned the basics of music production in the second half of 2019 and right now I’m just testing out different plugins and understanding them better for myself. I spend a lot of time working on covers, as well as writing music to type beats. I am lucky to have a set up at home, hence I can continue working and creating music.

What other things are you investing your time apart from music?

I am also a fine artist. I studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London and graduated last year. I have a growing collection of works, which I will hopefully be sharing with the world soon. I am spending time during lockdown to continue research for my artwork, a lot of which revolves around the remnants of colonial legacies, the psyche and critiquing post-colonialism.

Any message you want to give to everyone amid the corona pandemic?

I would like to say take care of your minds. Our mind is our greatest asset. It allows us to perceive the world around us. It is important to keep it stimulated. Do things that challenge you so that you don't let yourself get too comfortable and continue to focus on self-growth. We will all get through this together.

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