I have been inspired to write Manchali from my own journey of highs and lows: Singer Arzutra

MUMBAI: "Women should live limitlessly," says British singer Arzutra Garielle, who has done so many songs last year. Known to be a die-hard-fan of popular Indian Bollywood playback singer Shreya Ghoshal, Arzutra's latest song, Manchali is about women empowerment. In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, she talks about how the song is inspired by her own counselling sessions, experience of working with young girls for the music video and has aa message for global women.

Let’s talk about ‘Manchali’ and what inspired you to sing a song on girl power?

I have been inspired to write Manchali from my own journey of highs and lows. I was undergoing counseling therapy once and I had to do a lot of healing work where I had to go deep inside. One of the questions my counsellor asked me was ‘What things are you proud of.’ I was forced to write 5 pages on this, which seemed bizarre at that time. However as crazy as it was I had a profound realisation that I have achieved more than I realise. Hence, I called my producer and told him that I want to make a motivational song to inspire others mainly girls.

Many girls from different walks of life have participated in the video. What message does each one have?

The messages vary from fan to fan. The underlying message is one of freedom. Each girl wants to be free to do the things that she wants to do. This is the essence of their participation which is what being a woman should be about. There was no scripting of their messages so each girl wrote whatever was on their own mind. The overarching message for us all is that being a woman in today's world isn’t easy, but it can be if we dream and then have the strength to live our dreams fearlessly.

How was the experience of working with so many girls?

It was an amazing experience. I felt like they were all part of my team. It was nice to have different ages too and I actually started to feel a bigger responsibility to know I am inspiring these girls with this release. So this music video couldn’t be just like any other video. I wanted to give all these girls a chance to have their voice. I felt like I had a little goddess community bedside me during this campaign. Me and 25 other empowering girls. It felt amazing.

How challenging was it to sing this song that has a message?

It wasn’t really challenging at all. It was intended to do something different to the usual love songs and sometimes when you do something different as an Artist it can backfire on you. So I did have an element of ‘what if’ but someone once said to me ‘fears are lies’. Being an artist means having a message and walking out there in the world and giving it.

What do you want to tell girls and women across the world on the occasion of this song?

Women should live limitlessly. However, we live in a world where we are interrogated on our every move. As women, we should be respected for who we are not for our bodies. We need to find the goddesses within us. One by one as us we grow stronger we can live in a balanced world where we are freer to be who we want to be.

What other projects are you working on?

Trying to keep some surprises for the fans but to give you some scoop I am currently working on the launch of my 2nd Album. Trying to think of names for the Album and hoping to ask my fans if they have any ideas too. I am so excited as once the 2nd Album is out I can fully focus on the third. There are not many singers these days doing albums so I feel blessed.