I don’t want to box myself into a genre, but my comfort zone is Bollywood: Singer Sid Philar

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Among the various indie singers, Sid Philar's musical Karwaan stands out for his carnatic training background and attention to minute details of music and sound. A Bollywood retro love who gre up listening to the iconic songs, Sid debuted in the world of indie music with his single, Karwaan. He is also a tabla player, who played at the popular Sydney Opera House in 2015, and sang with the team led by his musical guru, Dr Rose Muralikrishnan at the Carnegie Hall in 2014. His digital live shows in India during the lockdown gathered huge funds for the underprivileged. In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, Sid Philar talks about his debut song, musical environment in California and how tabla and Carnatic music has strengthened his musical foundation.

Watch 'Karwaan' here

Let’s talk about your debut indie single ‘Karwaan’ and the experience of working on it amid corona pandemic

I’ve got to say the audio part of Karwaan it was really a breeze considering I worked with an amazing studio team.

What were the challenges you faced while working on your very first single?

The only challenge I felt initially was around the video part but ended up being not much of a hassle when I teamed up with the right individuals.

Are you happy with the response received?

I’m stoked by the response received from my fans and well-wishers. I’m extremely self-critical, but I’ve been really happy with every aspect of the song starting from the meaningful lyrics, all the way to the video editing.

When did your musical journey start? Did you always want to become a singer?

My musical journey began during my early formative years when my mother identified my interest and vocal skills. I still remember participating in random music competitions and winning prizes and that flame was always alive, despite some lull period due to focus on academics or career later on life.

What’s your key genre? Are you open to experimentation?

I don’t want to box myself into a genre, but I think my comfort zone is Bollywood and anything melodious.