I don’t listen to songs of anyone accept Shreya Ghoshal, I’m obsessed: Arzutra Garielle

Updated: May 18, 2020

“I don’t listen to songs of anyone accept to that of Shreya Ghoshal’s. I’m obsessed with her voice, exclaims British pop singer Arzutra Garielle, who is gearing for her debut Hindi album, Woh Pal.

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British pop singer Arzutra Garielle credits upbringing, Shreya Ghoshal for choosing Bollywood music

Arzutra, whose upbringing was influenced by Bollywood music, was advised to put on emotion in her songs and work on her expressions. She, therefore, learned singing in Hindi by listening to singing Shreya’s songs.

The debutant shares, “I wanted to learn Shreyaji’s style of singing and I was very interested to emulate her emotions. I was told by a vocal coach early in my career that I needed to bring in emotion into my voice. I wanted to learn that from Shreyaji. I particularly loved her vocal expression in all her songs. I’m laughing now because 10 years later I realize you cannot learn emotion. It comes from within.”

“At the same time, I was also getting told off by so many mentors that I needed to work on my accent. I decided to do this by simply spending two hours a day listening to my favourite songs of Shreya Ghoshal, printing out all of her lyrics, and singing along with her. I used to download her songs one by one and kept a catalogue of all the translated lyrics. I used to follow the lyrical translations to catch the meaning of the words. I know it sounds like a shortcut method but it’s the only way I found I could keep myself motivated. This probably explains why I can sing in Hindi but cannot speak it. Of course, it’s not an easy ride, learning to sing in Hindi/Urdu has been worth it, and considering neither is my mother tongue. No other language comes close to the emotions one can portray in the language of Bollywood,” she further shares.

Shreya Ghoshal’s Teri Meri and other songs are a part of the British pop singer’s daily riyaz.

Arzutra shared about wearing her first skinny jeans after seeing Shreya wearing a pair in a concert in London.

“I looked up to Shreyaji wishing one day, I would be a singer just like her,” the singer concludes.

Arzutra Garielle’s Woh Pal has nine Hindi songs belonging to various genres and showcases her love for Hindi and Bollywood music.

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