I became a lyricist because I am a very moody person, says singer, composer Rishabh Chhabra

If you thought a lyricist cannot sing or compose a song, then this lad from Delhi is all set to prove you wrong. Rishabh Chhabra is a lyricist, music composer, and certified music producer who is better known to be the one who penned down the latest indie song, Tere Vaare featuring newbie singer Ayaan Sharma. A musician, who always had his heart in music, started his journey at the age of 12 when he learnt to play the guitar. Though his singing debut Emotions Vich had gone unnoticed, he didn’t give up his passion for music. The singer, composer and lyricist didn’t want to settle for mere writing, singing, or composing songs, but wanted to be an all-rounder, he is! In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, Rishabh Chhabra whose new singing venture, Saal Delete Kardo Na releases today, talks about his journey in music, Tere Vaare, and how his mood swings play a key role in his music-making process.

When did your musical journey start? Were you always wanted to be a musician?

I have always been into music since I was a kid. I started learning guitar when I was around 12-13 years of age. At that point, I just wanted to play guitar and sing for my friends and family. I skipped a year after school to join a music school because I wanted to learn music in depth. I found one of the top electronic music schools in India, ‘I Love Music Academy’ in Gurgaon. It was a calling and I am a certified music producer now.

You were the one who boosted ‘Tere Vaare’ singer Ayaan Verma’s confidence to sing the song

It was a challenge and something new for me and my music producer friend Sharanjith. Ayaan was initially not comfortable, but I insisted him to go ahead and sing Tere Vaare since I liked his singing as an audience. I told him that we will make it a banger! He took up the challenge and hence, the song happened.

Let’s talk about your singing debut ‘Emotional Hitch’

I had done Emotional Hitch last year with Jass Records. I was called in by the label to do the song. It didn’t do as well as I wanted it to be when it comes to marketing.

Writing lyrics, music composition, singing or music production, what is your forte?

I want to be an entertainer, an all-rounder, a person, who is singing, writing, acting, and doing everything. Before music, I was also doing Comedy Wines with my friends. I also did a part in a movie, which is slated to release in 2021.

How long do you take to write down a song?

It’s a creative process be it for making a song, composing music or writing lyrics, etc. As an artist, I feel that it depends on my mood, the way I am feeling at the present moment. If I am happy, I will be writing peppy and happy songs.

I became a lyricist because I am a very moody person.

If I am very sad, I will express it. When I am working with clients, I have to be careful that I don’t put my emotions ahead, but use my talent and skills. But, when I am making something for myself then I put out what I am feeling.

If I have an idea in my head, I play with my guitar and hum the two lines, I have in my mind, over and over again. Within an hour or more, the entire song will be ready in front of me on the paper. Sometimes it might take months or weeks and sometimes it happens immediately. It took me around two months to complete Emotion