I am not a singer, says 'Tere Vaare' fame Ayaan Sharma, credits lyricist for spotting his talent!

“I am not a singer, it was my lyricist friend Rishabh who was confident that I would pull it off and insisted me to sing Tere Vaare,” exclaims Ayaan Sharma, who recently charmed everyone with his singing and acting in his debut single - is a song created by a bunch of newcomers. The debutant, who was one of the assistant directors on the Bollywood film, Jabariya Jodi, had no plans to enter the world of music until his debut song with which, he has also debuted as an actor.

Hailing from Manali, Ayaan Sharma was born in Mumbai but completed his college in Delhi. He has done Hotel Management from Switzerland but life had different plans for the multi-talented artist. “My father allowed me to go to Mumbai to accomplish my dreams after I completed my Hotel Management course,” he reveals.

In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, Ayaan talks about the making of Tere Vaare, his team, his unplanned singing debut, and more.

Let’s talk about your debut as a singer with ‘Tere Vaare’

When I finished my assistant direction in Mumbai, I was preparing myself. But, when I came back to Delhi to meet my mother and sister, Tere Vaare knocked at my door as an opportunity. Rishabh met me and told that he has created some lyrics and wanted me to give it a shot. I was laughing as I had never sung in my life, but he was 100 per cent sure that I could pull it off. I tried singing it for 10-15 times and told him that I can’t do this. But, the 21-year-old didn’t give up and told me, ‘Look, I am the audience and I liked it!’ He asked me to come to the studio the next day and this excited me to do the song.

Can you tell us about the making of ‘Tere Vaare’?

Initially, there were just three lines created and we all contributed our inputs to it. Rishabh wrote the complete song and I took a month break to learn singing. When the song was almost 30 per cent ready the music producer’s (Sharanjit’s) father passed away. I thought it was the end of the story and chopped off the idea. But, after a few days, Sharanjit called me and said, ‘Don’t give up! It is something that’s going to be big for me and my career.’ Hence, I recorded the song. Someone else was supposed to mix and master it, but the music producer (Sharanjit), who did not know about mixing and mastering, insisted to handle it.

We also faced some trouble or the other while shooting the music video due to coronavirus. So, the entire video was supposed to be shot in Manali, which we did shoot, but without the team that was supposed to travel from Mumbai. The director, costume stylist, D.O.P., and the actor who was going to co-star in the video alongside my sister backed out at the last minute due to corona. Hence, I had no costumes and had to manage with my clothes. The next trouble was directing the video. Since I was an assistant director with Balaji Motion Pictures and Karma Media Entertainment and had assisted on Jabariya Jodi and other projects; I used those skills to direct the music video of Tere Vaare.

The actor featured in the song, Akshun Mahajan is my college friend. The actress Aahana Sharma is my real sister. The D.O.P. has been working with me for so many years.

Our hard work, therefore, paid off in the end and we finally came up with Tere Vaare.

Why did you give up assistant direction?

I didn’t continue with assistant direction because I had a lot of ideas and plans in my head, which I wanted to work on and didn’t want to lose out on a lot of years in assisting. I took the risk of leaving that and kept pushing myself towards what I always wanted to do and by the grace of God, I made it.

It doesn’t seem like you are debuting with ‘Tere Vaare’ even as an actor

I have been hearing this from a lot of people. I was just a bit more confident and kept on telling myself, ‘Ayaan, this is the only chance to prove yourself, the world is going to see you.’ Yes, I have learnt acting with Mukesh Chhabra and The Jeff Goldberg Studio. Besides, I have done a little theatre and certain body double scenes in movies, but, had never faced the camera as an actor before Tere Vaare.

How happy you and your team are with the response received by ‘Tere Vaare’?

Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect that Tere Vaare would hit 500, 000 views organically but we are very happy that the song is trending! I am very happy that I am getting the recognition, I had never expected. My dad was shocked!

'Tere Vaare' has been released under Whispering Rock Records, which is your venture. What’s the story behind it?

We didn’t have a label since nobody was keen to help. But I was adamant that if I am making Tere Vaare then I will do it on my own or else I won’t let anyone do it. Hence, I created my record label three days before the song's release. Whispering Rock Records is, thus, my baby project. I also created a YouTube channel. Honestly speaking, I did not know the field, but I was only going with my gut feeling and trusting others. It becomes an asset later, which you can cherish your work for a lifetime.

What’s your financial strategy for your label, Whispering Rock Records?

I have spent from my pocket. Our key monetization focus is on the marketing of the songs. I am planning to do more songs, create a profile of mine, and then enter the gigs circuit. If I get an offer to collaborate with a movie, I will 100 per cent go for it.

Are you working on other songs?

Yes, we are already working on our second song as I am not going to stop now.

What’s your schedule during the ongoing lockdown in India due to coronavirus?

I am making music and enhancing my singing skills. My entire team is working from their respective locations and I am very happy that no one is being lazy and just on Netflix.

Did you learn Punjabi for ‘Tere Vaare’?

No, I didn’t learn Punjabi for Tere Vaare, but we had chosen easy Punjabi words. Since childhood, I had a good grasping power, I could pull off anything. Also, during my college in Switzerland, we had to learn French or take another language. So when you can learn these languages, you can, therefore, learn any Indian language easily including Punjabi. It thus became easy for me. I didn’t understand the lines, but my lyricist explained them to me.

Any singer, you idolize and dream to work with?

I would love to sing as well as act with Diljeet Dosanjh and Badshah.

Any message you have for struggling singers?

This is true that new talents do not get enough chance as thousands of them audition daily. I just want to tell them to believe in themselves and not limit their talent as one can do anything in this world if they want to!

Lastly, any message you want to give to people during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic?

I would request everyone to be home, be safe to prevent corona and wait for my next song and keep listening to Tere Vaare.

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