Honoured to be associated with Zaman Khan and excited to have boAt as official audio partner:Rishabh

The coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdown offered a huge digital platform for talented artists, musicians, singers etc., with everyone being online for the major time. Among the many singer, composers, multifaceted musician Rishabhh Chhabra has been dedicatedly releasing some amazing music in the form of songs like Jaani Ve and Ye Saal Delete Kardo etc. For his upcoming song, Eid Ho Jaaye, the composer, singer and music producer has teamed up with India's popular Hindi band, Astitva band's lead guitarist and a popular musician Zaman Khan, who has crooned the song. Lyricist Jazbaati has penned the lyrics and his company 3 Kingz Productions has produced the song. Popular audio gear brand boAt is the official audio partner of Eid Ho Jaaye.

In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, Rishabh Chhabra talks about producing music for Eid Ho Jaaye and its making, collaboration with his idol Zaman Khan, Jazbaati and boAt.

Let’s talk about your upcoming song ‘Eid Ho Jaaye’. Any specific reason for the title?

When we started making the song, we were keen to release this on the occasion of Eid.

But then due to some reasons the release got pushed ahead , but we decided to keep the song’s name as Eid Ho Jaaye because of the sentiment of this particular song. You’ll get to know the emotion depicted when you will hear the whole track.

Can you tell us more about your experience of producing music for the song as well as producing it?

The lyricist, Jazbaati, sent me a demo composition which was made only on the harmonium. I then, recorded dummy vocals in my own voice for the purpose of building the song ahead. I started with a basic structure, pretty much like every other arrangement. But when I sent my composition to the singer, Zaman Khan, he added the guitars and obviously his magical voice to the track. We then started bouncing ideas back and forth until we were sure with final instrumental arrangement. Zaman added all the guitar sections and I did the rest of the music in the final version.

Singer Zaman Khan has sung the song. How was the experience of working with him?

It was always a dream for me to work alongside one the finest musicians and my biggest idol, Zaman Khan. Working with him was a learning experience. He truly is one of the finest musicians that our country has in today’s date. While producing the track, he gave me a dummy vocal and the final vocal in just a single take. He also did the guitar section of the song, which actually gave the soul to the track.

With this song, you have once again collaborated with Jazbaati who has the lyrics of the song. Can you tell us about the collaboration?

Yes, Jazbaati had written the lyrics for this song last year (2019) and composed with his friend Akshay Bhatia, in Punjab. He sent me the composition a few weeks before Eid as he wanted it to be a special release on the occasion for Eid. Originally, I was supposed to sing the song and produce it as well, but when I heard the demo, I thought that I won’t be able to justify such a beautiful composition and my voice would be not a good fit for it. We then, scouted for some singers who were classically trained, but in the end I gathered some courage and asked Zaman to give it a shot and rest is history.