Goldie Sohel's ‘Dil Da Khayal’- a perfect romantic track that is likely to tug at you

MUMBAI: Whether it is the lyrics or the composition of the song, there is no match for Goldie’s magical charm in the romantic song genre. His voice, his emotions, and the way he breathes life into the lyrics always take the song to a whole new level.‘Dil Da Khayal’ is another such beautiful addition to his list of great romantic music. The song is about a romantic tale, pure and rare.

As an expression of inner emotion, a celebration of love, and a symbol of everlasting memories, ‘Dil Da Khayal’ transcends time and transports us to those nostalgic times where you are living blissfully with your soulmate.

The video beautifully depicts the love song and seamlessly takes the viewers from the present-day to goldie's grandfather's love story.

Talking about his experience Goldie said, "'ve composed and written some Punjabi songs few of which are still in the pipeline, but 'Dil Da Khayal' especially is close to my heart. Both the lyrics and composition happened to me naturally. The song doesn't directly talk about love but more about expressing the emotions of love. The composition has a nice blend of ghazal and a romantic ballad which brings the old school soulful and beautiful vibe yet with a modern approach.

I had a great time working with Manash Borthakur who produced the song and was inline with me on giving the song some organic touch with elements like Tabla played by Sanjiv Sen, Sarangi by Dilshad Khan, strokes by Tapas Roy, Guitar by Ishan Das, and bass by Abhinav Bora. Also, Sunny M.R. has mixed the track beautifully creating a great aura in the mix.

I'm very happy with the video directed by Pulkit Garg as well, which including myself features Rose Sardana. I had a great time working with her. I believe we've managed to capture the essence of the song and I hope it touches the listeners as much as it touched us. Lastly, I want to thank TM Music for their constant support and always pushing me to do better.”

The song is written, sung, and composed by Goldie Sohel.