‘Get lost in what you love’ as Raghav Sachar joins visually impaired artists for a soulful melody!

Mumbai: This Valentine’s Day, Spykar in a unique collaboration with Furtados School of Music brings together two visually impaired musicians and a renowned Bollywood composer Raghav Sachar to create a soulful music melody. The video showcases Raghav Sachar along with visually impaired students Veer Mulraj and Sachin Patil working together on a catchy tune in the music video. The raw feel of the artists jamming together in the studio embodies the young and restless spirit of Spykar along with passion of music that FSM holds dear.

“Music has been a passion of mine for years and working with these visually impaired, young & restless musicians, Veer and Sachin, was surreal. Their knowledge, understanding and love for music inspired me and Spykar to collaborate and work on this amazing concept. This Valentine’s Day, I’m looking forward to celebrating love, passion and restlessness to achieve more” said Raghav Sachar.

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Veer Mulraj and Sachin Patil’s journey with music has been nothing short of extra ordinary. Veer was a premature baby and faced multiple medical issues, which led to him losing his eye sight and 15-20% hearing loss in both ears. Born without sight, Sachin strived hard to become a highly accomplished Tabla player. He has performed nearly 300 concerts and played with Bollywood biggies like Kailash Kher and Anupam Kher. Their passion for music has helped them overcome obstacles that they faced in life.

“Spykar imbibes the spirit of young and restless and we are trying to connect with more restless souls out there!  We feel everyone who believes in living life to fullest and bringing out the most of themselves is already an achiever. This includes even those who are specially-abled. This is a shout out on Valentine’s Day to every young soul in the country to not stop short of anything but to be the best version of themselves. Spykar as a brand encourages finding love in your own passions and leading the way to greater achievements.” said Spykar Lifestyles Marketing GM Saisangeeta Israni.

Furtados School of Music has been training specially-abled students since years and has ensured inclusivity for them. They believe that music can be learnt by everyone and gives them a platform to express and become better versions of themselves.

Furtados School of Music Co-CEO & Co-Founder Tanuja Gomes said, “We truly believe music is the language of love that transcends culture, language and our other senses. This Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate the passion and talent that our country’s young and restless souls have to offer, in association with Spykar Lifestyles and Raghav Sachar.”

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