Exclusive: Singing ‘Eid Ho Jaaye’ was challenging, says Astitva band fame Zaman Khan

Popular Hindi rock troop, Astitva band’s lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter Zaman Khan has sung a song, different from his regular rock and roll genre. Though titled, Eid Ho Jaaye, the single released today and is a bizarre romantic number, different from the current trend!

“I come from a very rock and roll background and I do a lot of Hindi rock stuff. Hence, singing Eid Ho Jaaye was challenging for me because I had never sung this kind of song. But the beauty of the track was so determined that it got me on it and I wanted to accept the challenge and get out of my comfort zone,” shared Zaman who found the song very beautiful, well written and composed after his friend and music producer of the song Rishabh Chhabra shared it with him.

The newly released track is a total indie number, whose music has been produced by indie musician Rishabh Chhabra and written by budding lyricist Jazbaati.

Watch video here

Zaman Khan further spills details about the song, its lyrics, collaboration with the team of Eid Ho Jaaye and more in an exclusive chat with Music Beat.

The title of the song ‘Eid Ho Jaaye’ is very intriguing as it’s not Eid today!

So, we were supposed to release Eid Ho Jaaye on Eid but due to Covid-19 and the associated lockdown, the song got delayed. Also, the video, we had imagined of going around and taking shots of the mosque and get into that whole vibe of Eid, didn’t happen. But we didn’t want to waste the song as we thought people will listen to the song on Eid, even if it is released now.

The title of the song is a conversation where a guy is praising his love saying – ‘Tumko Dekhu Toh Eid Ho Jaati Ha, Tujhko Dekhu Toh Mera Haj Ho Jaaye’. It is romantic as well as pure. It’s not like the current cleashe love songs trend, we listen today with weird lyrics where a girl is compared to say, for example, Coca Cola, etc. A lot of Urdu lyrics have been used in the song as we wanted pure lyrics. There is a fine difference between dating someone and loving them. So, Eid Ho Jaaye is that kind of a song.

Can you tell us more about the song?

The song is more like fusion. Basically I am singing Urdu poetry and a bit of Sufi, but the music is a very new-age kind. In the drum/beat section, we have mixed western and Indian beat. While the singing and lyrics are contemporary, the music is completely opposite. You will therefore see a lot of fusion happening in the whole song.

Was the fusion planned?

We had no idea of creating a fusion, but sometimes the song demands certain things. So, sometimes you don’t have to restrict yourself to a certain genre and go with the flow which has happened in Eid Ho Jaaye. We just went on with the flow and made sure that we keep the song such that people who might have a little difficulty in understanding the lyrics, will still be able to groove on its music. The song speaks itself and is a track, which everyone should listen to.

How was the experience of collaborating with music producer Rishabh Chhabra?

The collaboration was fun. Rishabh happens to be a very dear friend of mine and I love all of his work and compositions. The moment I heard the song, I wanted to collaborate on it. Rishabh told me about having a whole team and I had total faith in him. ‘I am always there for you, just let me know how do I sing this song?’