Exclusive: Anniversary suprise led to Jagdish Italiya's popular Gujarati cover and music journey!

Who knows when the singer in you get audiences attention and opportunities, you never thought of! Singer Jagdish Italiya is on such artist whose recent cover of Gujarati song, Tari Aankh Ne Akhini, grabbed a lot of attention and has garnered over seven million views on YouTube. A singer by passion, Jagdish had been doing covers until now, but this popular cover gave him hope to go for his callling for music and singing. In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, Jagdish talks about how a planned surprise for his wife on their anniversary led to him becoming a known name among the budding singers!

First of all congratulations, your cover of the hit Gujarati song ‘Tari Aankh Ne Akhini’ has crossed 7 million views. What according to you led to your version grabbing the audience’s attention?

First of all, allow me to thank all the viewers and listeners for loving this song, and pushing it to cross over seven million views...Actually, the idea of making this version of the song was to surprise my wife Ajita Italiya ( @ajitaitaliya )on our 17th wedding Anniversary. The pure soul was to give her a pleasant shock of her life because this was my debut music video made with zero intention to make it popular. But over the days, it has hit the popular wave... The song is becoming popular because it has a soul and pure intention to just touch my wife’s heart.

Let’s talk about your singing journey and why did you choose singing as a career?

Singing is just my hobby and passion. Aankh No Afini is my debut music video and then came Jab Koi Baat -Vhalam Aavo Ne, followed by Ame Mahiyara Re. Both I and Ajita Italiya had sung these two tracks. The next track was my solo Raam Sabha Ma.

Have you taken any classical training?

I haven't taken any formal training but listening is what I do to better my singing. But I would love to take classical training.

Can you tell us about your original songs, you have worked on or are working on?

All these songs I have come up with were covers, but in 2021, I am coming up with my original singles.

What kind of genres are you open to experimenting with?

My genre has always been soft, romantic, and folk, but I would love to try peppy ones someday.

In the era where independent artists are flourishing, what according to you will make your voice stand out?

Listeners are finding my voice soothing and that’s what motivates me to be a better singer and I am sure that over the days, listeners will love it more n more!

Are you planning to get signed to a label in the future?

I haven't thought of it yet but for an artist, opportunity doors should remain open always.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has limited opportunities in all fields. How fortunate has the music industry been when it comes to opportunities?

During this covid phase of covid, I think music has reached more ears and has become the healing factor for many.

Lastly, what’s your plan of action for the next 5 years?

The bag is full of stock for the coming years, so let's hope for the best.