Druv Kent’s electronica infused track ‘Bit At A Time’ is about loss of innocence!

MUMBAI: BBC 2 supported India born singer-songwriter Druv Kent returns with a poignant and haunting electronica infused track, Bit At A Time that speaks to your inner child.

The song is composed and written by Kent and produced with the amazing UK based Calum MacColl (Ronan Keating) and Simon Edwards (David Gray), creating a groove-infused bassline below strong melodic hook lines, fast becoming a signature theme of their collaborations.

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Bit At a Time is about that loss of innocence that happens to each of us as we grow up … a little bit at a time. As Kent sings, “you miss the little boy, there’s a man inside the child, he stops to smile, a little bit at a time”, it’s personal, haunting, and resonates stronger given the age we live in where we mourn the loss of a more innocent time."

The animated video directed by longtime Kent collaborator TED Fellow filmmaker Puneet Rakheja speaks directly to that innocence and highlights the simple elegance of the narrative and lets the hypnotic bass and synth do the rest.

After Druv’s recent hits Higher Ground and Till We Meet Again following Back Home, Glitter & Dynamite, Long When We’re Gone, I’m Still Riding, What It’s All About, and Little Bit of God opened the UK, Aus and international markets to a unique voice of socially-relevant contemporary music, Druv delivered 2 Hindi songs in 2019, a cricket world cup anthem and Hindustan Meri Jaan, that took the Indian music scene by storm. The Druv Kent Band has performed in the UK, Europe, Dubai, HK, India and Singapore’s biggest stages. They recently headlined the Asia Television Awards and the Kasauli LitFest.

Bit At A Time – Druv Kent


And then you arrive … and then you smiled

The smell of her breath in your sighs

There is no broken glass littering the aisles

Mist in the air and in the blacks of your eyes

Some promises are made … tossed aside

You mean everything you say, even when you said you lied

Here is a little boy who’s eyes are shining bright