Coronavirus: Situational comedy song ‘Ye Saal Delete Kardo’ is on the ongoing lockdown!

MUMBAI: While the entire world is wishing if 2020 could be undone, singer Rishabh Chhabra and his team have come up with a song that has a funny take to this emotion while highlighting some key issues, the world is facing due to the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus. Titled Ye Saal Delete Kardo, the lyrical track has released today!

Speaking about the song, Rishabh Chhabra says, “Ye Saal Delete Kardo is written by me and my friend, Nav Jazbaati who had this idea and two-three lines in his mind, which I took forward. It’s a situational comedy song made on the ongoing lockdown. The concept of the song is Ye Saal Delete Kardo. When I completed a word, he did another, and so on. This is how we made the song.”

On being asked, how he managed to record the track in the middle of lockdown, he reveals, “I have a home studio setup and have all the basic equipment needed to record a song. Tere Vaare also was recorded here. We were working remotely. Ayaan Sharma was shooting in Manali and the final of the song was being made in Mumbai. I am from New Delhi.”

Ye Saal Delete Kardo has been released as a lyrical video.

Commenting on the same, the Tere Vaare lyricist shares, “We actually tried making a video for it. We had an idea in our mind that we will call out people and ask them to make videos of themselves and send it to us. But, people were going out to shoot the video and were not following the rules of social distancing. So, we have released a lyrical video.

The song has relatable lyrics that resonate with what each one of us might be going through while sitting at home. The song mentions how all days of the week seem alike, all festivals will get cancelled, and watching TV is boring now. Besides, the lyrics of Ye Saal Delete Kardo also highlight the hassles of daily wage workers, who are struggling for food and questions if they will be able to eat? The other questions included in the track are about money management and global recovery of the loss occurred. The singer asks god for a solution while asking the almighty to delete the year 2020.

Tune into the track here

The musician is also exploring other hobbies, apart from music, during the ongoing lockdown.

“I cook once a while and help my mother to clean the house. I am also learning photography with my brother.

Rishabh Chhabra considers lockdown a necessary step to curb the spread of coronavirus.

“People who are asking to end the lockdown are not right. I am no one to tell anyone to not do this and that, but I just want to request everyone to maintain social distancing and keep practicing it, use sanitizers and be cautious about everything,” he comments.

The motion poster of Ye Saal Delete Kardo was released on 10 May 2020 and the song is out today on YouTube!

The song is a fun song and I hope people will like it,” concludes the multi-faceted artist, who has a lot of projects in his kitty.

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