Breaking news: Pop singer, actor Jashan Singh stranded in Corona struck USA!

MUMBAI: While many Indian citizens managed to make their way back to the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are many who are still stuck in USA. Popular Pop singer and actor Jashan Singh is one of them, who couldn’t return to India due to the cancellation of flights there and the ongoing lockdown.

Speaking to Music Beat in an exclusive interview, Jashan Singh shares, “Yes, I am safe and USA is treating me well.”

“I came here for work and a short family trip, but, it’s a hard time due to coronavirus pandemic. The government has been equal for everybody right now,” the Zakhmi singer further adds on how USA and its government are treating him," he further adds.

The singer had travelled to California and was supposed to return on 25 March, but owing to a lockdown there from 16 March, he had no option but to stay back.

On being asked if the Indian embassy there is making any arrangement for the return of stranded Indians like him in the US, Singh shares, “By law, I am an Australian citizen and I hold an OCI of India. Hence, I have to wait until 3rd May for any decision made on OCI card holders return to India.”

Currently, USA is topping the list of coronavirus hit nations and Jashan can’t agree more.

“Yes, as per the reports, coronavirus is quite serious here. Though I am in California and the situation here is ok, it is quite sensitive in New York, Michigan and Boston. But, we are hopeful as the experts are working on solving it,” he exclaims.

Further speaking on how he is managing in USA when it comes to food and other supplies, the Punjabi singer shares, “Luckily, I have a family here. So, when it comes to food and all other necessities, my family here is helping me out.”

Well, it’s indeed lucky of Jashan as many Indians are stranded jobless in USA and are seeking help.

Further, during his stay at home in the US, Jashan Singh is making the most of the lockdown time and investing it into something productive.

He shares, “Lockdown is helping me to focus more and spend time with my family. I am also working on my fitness and physique. Besides, I am definitely creating new music as well as writing new songs. I am even writing a film script. I am also doing a lot of riyaz and grooming myself.”

The singer, actor also has a message for people who are still not taking COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

“It’s quite foolish of some people in India to not follow the government rules because hospitals are working hard to get rid of coronavirus. We should support the government and the police during this tough time and be patient as this is for our own good. There is nothing important than your own life. Today, the world has come on an equal podium as nobody is small or big,” he comments.

“I would pledge everyone to stay at home. My prayers are with everybody and let’s pray that everything is fine soon and we can carry on with our lives happily and safely. I request all to follow the rules, support and help each other, maintain a safe distance, wash hands, and keep yourself clean. God bless you all,” he concludes with a message to India.

Meanwhile, Jashan Singh also shared a video message where he can be seen singing the iconic song, ‘Ruk Jaana Nai Tu Kahin Haar Ke’. He has also requested people to stay at home in the video.

Watch here

Earlier, he had also pledged support to PM Narendra Modi’s 21-day-lockdown to curb the spread of Coronavirus in India.

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