Arzutra Garielle essays heartbreak in new song 'Tumhaari'; asks fans to 'love yourself'!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Nothing hurts us, humans, harder than heartbreak, and the ones who have gone through it can only feel the pain! British singer, songwriter Arzutra Garielle who grabbed attention for her debut album 'Woh Pal' and her fan love for singer Shreya Ghoshal, has essayed heartbreak in her new song, Tumhaari. Marking the first song of her second album, Tumhaari is her own story of being heartbroken by her lover. In an exclusive interview with Music Beat, Arzutra talks about Tumhaari, the song recording process, and more.

Let’s talk about your second song ‘Tumhaari’ which is a romantic song followed by heartbreak

The song was written and dedicated to my new lover at the time of a new blossoming relationship. It was like I found my soul mate. He used to call me his Queen and would call me to wake me up every morning. We used to be always teasing each other and having so much fun. Days before I was due to record the song, he told me he had found someone else. I was devastated. I cried for 8 hours straight on a flight back to London from Dubai after this heartbreak.

How challenging was it to bring back those memories for a song?

While listening to the song I have more memories of tears rolling down from my face on the flight than memories of when I fell in love with him. I would love to think I only remember the good times but that’s just not possible. The good times were wiped out when he broke my heart. The song does bring tears to my eyes even now because his memories are deeply engraved in the song.

Tell us more about the song, it’s lyrics and the recording experience

Well, the recording was a mess. I walked into the studio looking all lovely and pretty and walked out with smudged mascara and a not very happy producer to deal with. It was terrible because when I was recording in the studio I couldn’t stop crying and my Producer, Atif Ali, nearly sent me home. He was not happy with me because the crying was interfering with my vocal delivery so he had to keep doing so many more retakes than usual. I remember him ordering food for us and gave me a half-hour break. He told me if I didn’t get a grip then he would send me home. I did manage to get the courage to get back into my Professional mode, luckily, and did pull through though.

Apart from your crying part when Atif Ali was not impressed, how was the experience otherwise working with the Dubai based music composer?

Atif Ali is a very demanding producer. He is very direct and extremely vocal as a person. So, if he doesn’t like the way I have sung a line he will tell me he doesn’t like it. The smoothest part of working with Atif Ali was before the recording and after the music-making process. Somehow it feels like we have more fun at that stage. In the recording, I don’t know why but it’s quite tense. I must admit I do get quite nervous. Atif Ali is very good though at calming your nerves when you enter his studio. It’s just during the recording I feel we are both under pressure. It’s quite intense as he demands perfection in every take. He has a vision of how he wants a certain line to be sung. I think he has that vision already set from the time he first starts producing a song. He didn’t rest until he made me sing each line the way he wants. And that can be quite frustrating for us both when he expects it on the first take but never happens until the 20th take or so on!

The song has been shot at some beautiful locations with you featuring in it. How was the experience?

I loved shooting in the UK by the beautiful English Coast. It was a perfect summer day too. The visuals were deliberately kept simple as I wasn’t supposed to launch this song publicly. It was written as a Birthday gift for my lover at that time. However, my team loved the song and they told me to release it. I argued with my team a lot saying that I wanted to bin this song as I don’t want memories of my ex. However, my team pretty much forced me to launch it. I did enjoy the shoot though as I have never seen that side of England before.

How challenging was it to record and shoot given the current coronavirus pandemic scenario?

This song was shot and recorded before the coronavirus hit. Thankfully as now it is not that easy to shoot these days, especially in a large crew.

Who are you dedicating this song to?