Always stand up for your self and do not stoop low, says DJ Paroma in debut single!

Mumbai: We have seen DJs mixing sounds and setting the mood of a party with their exceptional DJing, but we haven’t seen any DJ taking over the mike to sing a song until DJ Paroma broke the myth! Yes, you heard it right! Popular in the DJing circuit for her phenomenal DJing and a bold persona, DJ Paroma has made her singing debut with the upbeat party track, You’re Not Worth A Sorry, which is her independent venture.

“I have always dreamt of having my own original single even if I am a DJ. I wanted to do something different, which nobody has done before and contribute to the track in every possible way. I have not only the sung, but have also produced the video and featured in it as well,” exclaims the multi-faceted artist.

How did you manage these multiple roles?

Well, managing all these roles one by one was very challenging, but today as I sit here and look back at the track, I feel very proud that I have done all of these by myself. Of course, there has been a lot of teamwork and support from the entire management team and whoever has contributed to this track. It’s fun to be taking up responsibilities and executing it in a particular project and I feel very happy that I did.

Who was the inspiration behind it?

Apart from me, people like Taylor Swift, JLo, Beyonce who have been breaking norms for many years now, have been the inspiration behind You’re Not Worth A Sorry. They are very strong women.

The song has a party theme. How challenging was it to amalgamate it with strong lyrics that vouch for one’s worth?

The track is a party number. If you watch it right from the start to the end, there is a story in itself. You’re Not Worth A Sorry itself is a very strong statement where you can let the other person know that you are not going to stoop low or lose your self-respect for someone who has done bad to you or tried to hurt you. Everyone will relate to this song because it is not just for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but for others like friendships as well. Always stand up for your self and let know one take control of your emotions. It was fun to amalgamate such strong lyrics and put them in a party number and this is what makes it different from the other tracks. I am hoping that people are not only going to love listening to the song but will also love watching it because its video is amazing.

Legends like Bombay Vikings’ Neeraj Sridhar and Kohinoor Mukherjee are a part of your single. How was it working with them?

I have been very lucky to have legends like Neeraj sir from Bombay Vikings and Kohinoor Mukherjee work on the track. I don’t think that I could have imagined this track without them. I was blessed that I could work with both of them. This track has got a different touch altogether because of his Neeraj sir’s work when it comes to the lyrics and composition. It was fabulous working with both of them who are now like a family to me. I am very happy that I could have them work with me on this project. They are very senior and have an amazing experience and the fact that this track possesses their touch is a huge thing.

Any other projects apart from this, you are working?

Right now, the entire focus is on You’re Not Worth A Sorry. We have put in a lot of effort in the last few months and we are hoping to give it a little more push in the following months as well. I a